Iran’s Islamic Regime at Breaking Point

Geller Report:

…Iran is now experiencing its biggest internal political crisis since its last mass protests — those in 2009 in response to the re-election of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, marred by allegations of vote rigging. For months, the Iranian people have taken to the streets to protest against their government, a cruel and oppressive Islamist theocracy that claims a monopoly on morality. These are not just demonstrations about economic struggles and water shortages—results largely of the regime’s corruption and incompetence. The popular protests also show a growing rejection of the Islamic Republic’s brutal rule, and even its existence altogether.  more


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  1. ^^ Burner
    I can’t post with my usual screen name Burner, but can without any name as Anonymous.

  2. Once they run out of 0we’s $$ they’ll collapse…If You like watching

    libtard heads exploding now…You’re going to be ecstatic when We

    secure Peace with Iran….Might as well go down and fix Venezuela

    after that…

  3. It’s a Jewish plot to undermine my friends, the mullahs. My Palestinian sources have assured me of this.

  4. In 1789 the French figured out how to deal with a sitting government they were no longer willing to live under.

  5. With Trump in the WH, instead of those Iranian advocates Obumbles & Varjar last time there were mass protest, they have a better chance of ridding themselves of their evil tyrants.

  6. I can’t freaking believe this! I thought Obama’s cash infusion would last another 40 years for those allahmonkeys.

    If the mullahs were to loose their strangle hold on power Trump will be greater than Reagan. I know there are some who already think that but for me Reagan is Reagan- graduated high school in 87, you had to be there. If this were to happen Trump will not only have undone the massive clusterFbomb Obama made but Trump will have undone Jimmy Carter’s original sin. I’m not tired of winning- now I’m in a state of shock just thinking that this is a possibility.

  7. Maybe they collapse but maybe they turn well indoctrinated militia out on the public in order to keep power any way possible.

  8. The MSM is sure being quiet on this. Yes mullahs do not want this news to get out but the Iranian populace does. Why are we hearing virtually nothing?

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