Iran’s President Confident A President Biden Will “Bow” To Tehran – IOTW Report

Iran’s President Confident A President Biden Will “Bow” To Tehran


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday he has “no doubt” a Joe Biden administration will rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by Barack Obama and remove sanctions on Iran’s economy while embracing appeasement across the Middle East.

His assertion followed Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei who also backed the swift resumption of Iran’s commitments under the deal if it would finish U.S. sanctions, as Breitbart News reported.

“I have no doubt that the heroic national resistance of Iran is going to compel the future U.S. government to bow … and the sanctions will be broken,” Rouhani said Thursday. More

14 Comments on Iran’s President Confident A President Biden Will “Bow” To Tehran

  1. And look for mor US warships attacked and more sailors captured. Just like in the Obiden-Bama years. Happy days are here again.

    And every failure over the next 4 years will be blamed on Trump.

  2. Most foreign leaders would welcome a visit from VP “heels up” Kamalla.

    The ones that would prefer a bowing Buyden are the ones that own the democrats.

  3. Harris-Biden administration will govern on 2.1 fundamental policies

    1) All good things for foreign adversaries
    2) All bad things for domestic allies
    2a) America last

  4. Not so fast there, Iran.
    China, Ukraine and many others had to pay first and if the “Big Guy” indeed gets into the oval office, the rates are going to jump.

  5. You never know, Biden might just grope the little son of a bitches crotch. He is a dirty old bastard after all.

  6. Shit, We might see Israel and the Suadi’s Teaming up to whack old Joe…The

    Future was looking bright in the Middle East…

  7. “Iran’s President Confident A President Biden Will “Bow” To Tehran”

    So are we. 😡

    That’s why the MAJORITY of us, voted AGAINST the bastard. 😡 😡

  8. The democrats seem to enjoy seeing the U.S. humiliated and demeaned at their bidding. Sadly, this has been their standard procedure for decades now and half the country seems to want more of it.


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