Iran’s “Screaming Mary” Tests Positive for Coronavirus

[…] Ebtekar attended a cabinet meeting on Wednesday at which Rouhani was also present. Evidently no one at the meeting was wearing a protective mask.

Ebtekar is one of about a dozen vice presidents in the Iranian government. Raised in Philadelphia and fluent in English, she is best known outside of her country as “Screaming Mary” or “Mother Mary,” the very hostile English-language spokesperson for the Iranian terrorists who took 52 Americans hostage for 444 days during the Iranian Islamic revolution of 1979.

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8 Comments on Iran’s “Screaming Mary” Tests Positive for Coronavirus

  1. @ SNS
    More so in hell holes. No matter where they be.
    O/T Has anybody noticed people are using the wipes at the markets for the baskets more now?

  2. Erdogan’s 72 hour immigrant offensive against the EU takes on a much more sinister aspect for both Turkey and the EU. Now is not the time to be encouraging mass movements of people. What an egomaniacal idiot (idiots, when you include those in the EU who push for open borders).

    One of my sons mentioned that because the epicenter of the virus in Iran is supposed to be Qom, the quick spread of the disease may be due to the ritual bathing prior to praying, which often involves a basin of water shared by many. Qom is a major Shia pilgrimage site and Iranian authorities refuse to quarantine Qom because of it.


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