Ireland: Muslim suspected of terror links won’t be deported, could be tortured back home

Jihad Watch:

What could possibly go wrong, you greasy Islamophobe? He says he is a peace-loving person!

“Algerian man with suspected terror links wins injunction preventing deportation,” by Aodhan O’Faolain,, June 9 2017:

An Algerian man who was recently arrested by Gardai on suspicion of being involved in terrorism has secured a temporary High Court preventing his deportation from the state.

The man who has been living in Ireland since 2012 has challenged the deportation made against him over fears he may be tortured and subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights if returned to Algeria due to his “imputed political opinion.”  more here

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  1. But he’s already being tortured in Ireland. Can you imagine the excruciating pain of being surrounded by all that good whiskey and beer and not being allowed to drink any?

  2. EU is a recipe for destruction of democracy and individual freedom.
    This is exactly what the American Progressive/Socialist Left wishes to imitate and saddle the US citizens with…….

  3. Irish spring, but since he never bathes, he’s not interested. And besides it does say it’s only temporary, So as soon as they do more investigating into the upstanding citizen, his time draws to a close. He would’ve been better if he had self deported.

  4. I’m not surprised as the Irish turned down being a safe harbour for jewish children in the second world war and gave safe have to nazi war criminals after the war. I wonder what the Irish people will do if this guy plans and executes a terror attack on Irish soil. Probably nothing.

  5. Ireland, “The Land of Saints and Scholars,” approved same sex marriage last year and elected a openly gay Prime Minister this year, what the fuck else can you expect? Is Schiara Law next?

  6. Scr_North. Check your facts. The Lord Mayor od Dublin in the 1950’s was a Jew. Briscoe was his name. Very few Irish people supported the Nazis. Thousands of Irishmen fought against the Nazis
    in the American, English, Canadian, and Australian Armies.
    Don’t paint us all with a broad brush. Today’s Ireland has changed . To say “you are not surprised,” tells me you know sweet fuck all about Ireland. It has been infiltrated by the left and they have won. There are no men left in the Irish or British Governments. Just cunts sucking on the teat.

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