Irish Lecturer Stabbed to Death at University in Paris for Showing Drawing of Mohammed During Class

Legal Insurrection: A 66 year-old Irish lecturer was stabbed to death in Paris this week, outside the Leonardo de Vinci private university by a Pakistani student who believed he had insulted Mohammed. The suspect was arrested at the scene.

Jack Crowe reported at National Review:

Academic Stabbed to Death for ‘Insulting Mohammed’ During Lecture

An Irish lecturer was stabbed to death by a student outside the Paris university where he taught on Wednesday for allegedly insulting the prophet Mohammed by displaying a drawing of him during class.

John Dowling, 66, was speaking with a student, identified by authorities only as Ali R., following a lecture when the 37-year old student fatally stabbed him 13 times in the throat and chest.

The suspect, who is set to be indicted for murder on Friday, told the authorities that, while he killed Dowling to defend his faith against a perceived slight, he has also long maintained a personal grudge against the lecturer, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Peter Allen of the Daily Mail has more on what may have motivated the attack: MORE

14 Comments on Irish Lecturer Stabbed to Death at University in Paris for Showing Drawing of Mohammed During Class

  1. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I use to interact with a TON of Paki’s out of the Silicon Valley. Cheap foreign labor. All of them dumber than a box of rocks. I have good stories. But I honestly thought they were all Christians. I guess I could have been wrong.

  2. “I use to interact with a TON of Paki’s” as well. I honestly thought they were all Christians also. Than learned first hand that when I was informed they would only be away for a week, it turned into 4 weeks.
    Understands your point, never understood theirs.

  3. Whew, That I never insulted the prophet Mohammed as a mentally ill rapist child molesting POS. Lucky me,
    John Dowling RIP, sincerely.

  4. “REALLY?????” (Said in the Throaty, Baritone voice of the late Frank Gallop!!!!!!) Nothing new here folks, typical rag head incensed that someone took the 4th Century pedophile,goat F#(%@r’s name in vain….
    Remember….. they hate us and want us dead!!! Your best bet is to remember the “Tueller Drill” and if he gets within 21 feet of you… BLAST HIS ASS!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  5. “Muslims have no business being in the West.”

    …I don’t disagree @Gonedaddygone, but you COULD shorten that up a bit…

    “Muslims have no business being.”

    …that’s better…

  6. A couple of well placed IRA car bombs in certain Parisian neighborhoods would be an apt retaliation.

    By the way, I thought only gods could be blasphemed. Since Mohammed is not a god, insulting him is not blaspheme. Calling Zeus a serial rapist, or Odin an oath-breaker (for reneging on his deal with the Frost Giants to build Asgard), or Allah a petty moon goddess, are examples of blaspheme.

  7. Muslims DO have a business in the west – to bring Dar al-Harb into submission. Their religion commands it.


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