Irish Website Says 75% of Readers Want Trump Banned From Ireland

Irish Central-

“Mr. Trump purports to have the utmost respect for the Constitution of the United States, but the many examples of his hate speech belie this. Freedom does not mean that individuals can do ANYTHING they want- and freedom of speech does not mean individuals can say ANYTHING they want. Inherent in our global human rights is the overriding tenet that our freedoms do not include the right to impinge on the rights of others to not be demeaned, degraded or disenfranchised. I have always believed that the Irish are a people of high integrity and strong morals. I pray that Ireland will stand up tall on the world stage for the rights of all~ and ban Mr. Trump.”

President Trump is believed to be visiting Ireland in June but several groups are already mounting in protest against the trip.


What are some examples of his “hate speech’?

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  1. …in other news, 100% of the people who go to that Web site were Trump haters ANYWAY, and the remaining 25% was traffic redirected there by Google when they found OUT they were Trump haters…

  2. …this will matter when governments start conducting international relations by Web site plebiscite…

  3. The Irish are notorious for being on the wrong side of most political issues, I’m afraid. WWII is a good example.

  4. A land that has produced some of the worlds most gifted poets but being lectured about our politics from a bomb crazy country like that is a little too much. STFU&MYOB

  5. Moral: don’t take advice about the meaning and content of our Constitution from foreigners!

    That would be like taking legal advice from a plumber or dental advice from a lawyer.

    Just sayin’.

  6. This from the only country in which the citizenry voted to legalize abortion, rather than having it imposed by the political class. So I’m not impressed with their moral authority in the popular vote department.

    And, having married an expat, who has taken me home to visit, I have come to the conclusion that most of the ambitious and sober progeny of the Emerald Isle have left and the grand majority of those remaining are feckin’ ejits.

  7. Coming from a people who never even invented the village, their opinion doesn’t mean much.
    Their heroes are Danes.
    Their Capitol was founded by the Danes.
    They’ve been crushed by every invader since the beginning of time because they were too busy fighting amongst themselves to worry about the invaders.

    Biden is welcome there, though – says a lot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Irish Central is as left wing as they come. It is anti Republican American to the core. It’s offshoot, “Irish American” magazine, made John Brennan and Moonbeam Brown “Irish men of the year” a while back. Let’s see how that works out down the line when AG Barr is finished with Brennan.

    What Little Morphin Annie said above is worth noting.
    Feckin’ eegits!

    I’d say more, but I have better things to do.
    And, oh, they are also considering boycotting Israeli goods.
    Feckin’ eegits!

  9. I read somewhere that once Irish whiskey was invented, it was 3 centuries before the Irish actually did anything historically notable.
    Problem is, no one remembers what it might have been.

  10. CC Check out “How the Irish Saved Civilization” by Thomas Cahill and “The Book of Kells.” Very “historically notable.”

  11. What are some examples of his “hate speech’?

    I asked this very question of a (former) friend in England last year, and all I got back was “Trump is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, Islamophobic idiot.” In other words, parroting only what the left-stream media tells them.

  12. From Anon’s (9:06AM) linked website, “What are the best places to live in Ireland?”, John Wayne’s “The Quiet Man” to the contrary, my answer would be, “Outside of Ireland”.

  13. In October 2016 I was in a pub (rural area) and made them aghast when I declared that Donald Trump did actually have a good chance at winning. Thought they’d throw their pints at me. They’d only read and heard the most monstrous allegations and believed every one of them. In March this year I returned, and their mood was different. Not exuberant, mind you, but there were some subdued head nods. Brexit has them in knots because they can’t have a hard border with the north, and until this is settled there are no industries willing to invest and provide jobs. If President Trump can do anything to help the Irish, especially rural Ireland, they will be forever grateful.

  14. This from a nation of people who got better education in hedge schools than modern universities.

    I could normally sit and listen to an Irishman talk all day, but the stupidity that so often comes out of their mouths makes such a great accent wasted on the Irish.

  15. Get Outta Town.
    You write funny? WTF you tryin’ ta say?
    “a great accent wasted on the Irish.” Amadan.

  16. Sure, Ireland. Stand up for freedom of speech by banning President Trump from speaking in your country.

    Is there something in Irish logic I’m missing? Someone please tell me.


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