Ironic That Every Harper Collins Amazon Reviewer Has Given Them ONE STAR

Was it a single blue star, by chance?


Harper Collins omits Israel from a map in a textbook.

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14 Comments on Ironic That Every Harper Collins Amazon Reviewer Has Given Them ONE STAR

  1. They sold out to middle east money. It would have been better to maintain their integrity and reputation and not sell to that market.

    That was a poor business decision.

  2. I read this a few days ago. One of the commenters was from Southeast Asia and he said on the maps in his country, the Israeli borders were shown but the name of the country was Occupied Palestine.

    I can see that from a muzloid country but Harper Collins should know that the United States officially recognized Israel in 1948. How difficult is it to just tell the muzloids to fuck off?

  3. Can someone tell me why the US is catering to the goat and camel rapists when we are producing more oil and gas than the muzlems? Anyone or any business that refuses the existence of Israel while catering to the muzlems has sold themselves to the devil.

  4. Heard Epic Eric Erickson, filling in for Rush on Friday, say that he grew up in Dubai from ages 5-15 when his Father worked for Conoco Oil Co. He said that at 15 yrs old he had never even heard of the state of Israel. That none of the kids (even among the Americans) had ever seen the Israeli flag or had a clue that Israel even existed as a nation. NONE of the textbooks (or any other books allowed) contained any reference to Israel. They were all taught it was Palestine!

  5. In 1986 you could not live/work in Saudi Arabia and travel directly to Israel. You had to fly to Greece and book your RT to Israel out of Athens. It was also necessary to advise the Israeli border guard where you came from so that he did not stamp your passport with an Israeli visa, but stamped a separate sheet.

    Since Coca Cola was sold in Israel, it was not permitted in Saudi. Pepsi declined Israeli business and was allowed into the country.

  6. Ham radio operators in Jordan (back in the day) when King Hussein (ham radio callsign JY1) was in power were not allowed to contact stations in Israel because officially it didn’t exist. I wondered how they were told not to contact an entity that didn’t exist.
    I remember talking (on the radio from Ohio) to Zedan Hussein, JY3ZH believing him to be a member of the Jordanian Royal Family (a belief he softly promoted) and recently found out he was not a member of the royal family but the largest Maytag dealer in Jordan.

  7. Just another attempt by the left to dumb down American students. It’s working. Parents would be wise to scour every single Text book their kids are given. This is minor.

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