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IRS accidentally posts personal information of 120,000 taxpayers


Just The News:

The IRS briefly made public the personal financial information of roughly 120,000 taxpayers, the agency announced on Friday.

Taxpayers’ Form 990-Ts were temporarily available to public viewing on the IRS website, but the agency has since removed them, according to the Wall Street Journal. Individuals file the form to disclose certain types of income within their retirement accounts.

The forms included names and contact information of the filers, as well as significant portions of their financial records. The Treasury, however, noted that it did not include social security numbers or information that could directly impact individuals’ credit, per the WSJ.

Treasury Department acting Assistant Secretary for Management Anna Canfield Roth wrote to Congress on Friday informing them that her department was “continuing to review this situation.” more here

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  1. Yea, just like California let lose all the private info on it’s citizens with a carry permit. A total accident. Postmortem from IT professionals, impossible this day and age. They’ll need to kill me to get my gun. And I plan on making that a challenge.

  2. Simply put: if no one is arrested and prosecuted, or even simply dismissed (without pension), you know for an absolute fact it was deliberate.

    The maggots aren’t even trying to be sneaky.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. No doubt coordinated with a hacker who was informed ahead of time when the “accidental” exposure of these records was in place. They’re thieves and scoundrels… all of the DC cartel.

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