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IRS blasted by watchdog for ‘horrendous’ customer service

Just The News: Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), an independent watchdog within the Internal Revenue Service, released a 2021 report to Congress stating that tens of millions of taxpayers had a “horrendous” experience with customer service, including the worst phone service “ever” and long delays for refunds.

“Calendar year 2021 was surely the most challenging year taxpayers and tax professionals have ever experienced – long processing and refund delays, difficulty reaching the IRS by phone, correspondence that went unprocessed for many months, collection notices issued while taxpayer correspondence was awaiting processing, limited or no information on the Where’s My Refund? tool for delayed returns, and – for full disclosure – difficulty obtaining timely assistance from TAS,” the report stated.

Taxpayer advocate Erin Collins stated: “There is no way to sugarcoat the year 2021 in tax administration: From the perspective of tens of millions of taxpayers, tax administration did not work for them.” more

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  1. They are pissed they didn’t get their giant budget infusion with the BBB boondoggle. Makes me smile ear to ear when I hear about the IRS having anxiety, pain and mountains of negative feedback. Get some Bitches!


  2. All government agencies have poor customer service. What’s the customer gonna do; take his business elsewhere?

  3. “All government agencies have poor customer service.”

    My exception perhaps proves the rule. Local SS office floored me with prompt, helpful attention, knew what they were doing and never required another trip for the same issue. This involved me being assigned conservator for both my parents finances. Far as I’m concerned, that shop is top notch.

  4. @Lowell — For the record, I’ve had the same experience with all the office staff at my local SS office. They are better at being good than the DMV drones are at being bad.

    Side note: there’s an armed guard at a desk near the entrance (why? I dunno.) and the two of us have had a couple of nice chats about guns.

  5. Lowell
    JANUARY 14, 2022 AT 10:25 PM
    “All government agencies have poor customer service.”

    …like you, I found an exception the rule, too. I walked into a County office, it was a nice, modern facility where I was greeted by a SUPER helpful guard, then talked a a VERY nice lady who quickly got me the documents I requested without hesitation or repeated explanation, even waived a customary fee after I very breifly told her why I wanted the documents.

    …it was the county morgue.

  6. How old are the people running that TAS?
    Anyone over 21 knows the IRS has terrible customer service except for the occasional rogue person.
    Govt employees are almost impossible to fire unless they bring a Bible to work, admit they voted for Trump or get caught being pedophiles (except CIA) or white men.


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