IRS paid $18 million to tax-delinquent firms – IOTW Report

IRS paid $18 million to tax-delinquent firms

IRS agents


Internal Revenue Service officials broke their own rules by handing out dozens of contracts worth more than $18 million to companies with federal tax debt.

One company with a felony conviction even managed to secure nearly $70,000 worth of contracts from the tax agency, according to its inspector general.

The watchdog’s review found 17 corporations, each of which had racked up thousands of dollars in tax debts, won 57 contracts from the IRS between 2012 and 2013 in violation of a 2012 law against the practice.

Leslie Paige, vice president for policy at Citizens Against Government Waste, said the estimates of waste in the inspector general report are actually “conservative” given the parameters that limited the review.

She noted a major cause of the abuse lies in the fact that contractors are permitted to “self-certify” whether they have tax debts or felony convictions with little expectation that the IRS will verify their statements.


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  1. How come no posts about the useless Supreme Court ?

  2. With Energy Dept’s $535 million to Solyndra, $18 mill seems like small potatoes. None of these agency’s know what they’re doing, but scary part is they dont care. This will keep happening more and more for him to get us to hit rock bottom. When he leaves office our bills will have Workd currency on it. USA fading fast.

  3. Revrum Al must be SOOO jealous
    right now…


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