Is Biden Doing Cognitive Tests Or Not?

A couple of weeks ago he said he did. Now he says he didn’t.

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  1. Hey, it’s damn hard to remember if I took a cognitive test or not last year, last month, last week, yesterday or 10 minutes ago. Give it a rest dog-faced pony soldier.

  2. Texas and California mandate masks,

    then…Texas COVID-19 Positivity Rate Hits 3-Week High; California Suffers 2nd-Deadliest Day Yet!

    I just posted this because i’m so tired of seeing those queers in the leftist media post these stories about ‘he refused to wear a mask..then he got the virus’ or ‘ he said the virus was a hoax, then he got it’.

    Our side could write that kind of crap all day long, like my initial paragraph, but we don’t. Because our side is not filled with queers writing the stories.

  3. Whether he knows it or not, Joe is taking a cognitive skills test every time he appears on TV. And his failure is intensifying.

  4. His cognitive test are limited to mis-remebering stories from his past. Well, that and trying to appear tough by calling President DJT out to a fight behind the woodshed.

  5. No, as he said from his very own mouth…

    He wakes up, takes his pants off, faces the tank during his morning crap and reads using the tank to hold his reading material. (coloring books, Washington Post SSDD,)

    He hangs his jacket on the cigar shaped thingy that is sometimes pink, brown , black, or has freckles up and down the side that sticks out of the little hole in the side wall.

    When he is done, he stands up, his wife/mommy/maid wipes his bum bum and he takes his moisturized jacket (the white starch is not quite dry yet) and puts it back on.

    That is his cog test.

    Any one want to ask me what Prime Asshole Turdeau does every morning?

  6. Creepy Uncle Joe forgot whether he took a cognitive test or not……

    But CUJ knows one thing and stated…..

    “I’m so forward looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president — or stand with the president — in debates,”……

    Who the hell talks like that…..? CUJ sounded like an idiot.

    A normal person would have said…… “I’m so looking forward to have an opportunity to sit with the president…….”

  7. Odd that Joe lashes out and accuses a black reporter of being a cocaine junkie in response to taking a cognitive test. Of course he knows all about junkies given his corrupt son he helped enrich left his crack pipes in a rental car. And they try to portray Trump as unhinged.

  8. Ed357: Not too long ago the Biden team was insisting that the debates be conducted while sitting, presumably because Joe was incapable of standing for two hours. He was widely mocked, and is now doing damage control.

  9. All I know is they give me coloring books to play with once a week and I am damn good at keeping inside the lines!

  10. Joe’s cognitive was removed many years ago when it began to fail. He actually became so ill that nurses had to blow in his nose to keep him alive. We’re just damn lucky we didn’t lose him.

  11. @Different Tim,
    They weren’t blowing in his nose. They were actually stuffing “blow” in his nose (cocaine). And they weren’t nurses, but were actually hookers. Hunter was right there helping.

  12. They better get this nomination thing taken care of quick. Joe’s going down hill fast. If they wait much longer Jill’s gonna stand at the top of the stairs and call his name. Joe’s gonna panic, hide the Playboy, pull up his pants, and tell Jill “I’m not here.”

  13. The truth is biden does know if he’s taken a test or not. Hell, he shits his pants and doesn’t know it.

  14. “When I am erected Senator of the United Space,the Covid mask will and I… I am… I will do the, the, you know, the thing. Or vote for the other guy. Look me over.”

  15. The stages of growing old:
    First you forget peoples’ names.
    Then you forget peoples’ faces.
    Then you forget to pull your zipper up.
    Then you forget to pull your zipper down.

  16. Dear Bob,

    I forget where I put my coffee cup.

    When I find it I realize I drained the pot the last time.

    So I make more coffee.

    Then, I forget I made coffee until much later when I realize, “Oh, that’s right! I made more coffee! Goodie!”

    So, I go to get more coffee but can’t find my coffee cup.

    Does this all mean I’m as old as Joe Biden?

  17. “…What difference does it make?…” GWB’s pick in ’16. If you watched the Biden Rally in Atlanta you know he is GWB’s pick this time.
    Think i will follow GWB and vote Joe?

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