Is CNN Playing Games with Poll Results?! (DUH!!)

The Answer Will Shock You!

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  1. The purpose of fake polls is twofold: (1) supression and discouraging of Trump voters while ginning up enthusiasm for not-Trump voters (whoever that will be, anyone but Trump), and (2) to cover for planned, massive and widespread election fraud.

  2. Trump will have voters camping out in front of the precincts waiting to rush in and cast their vote like a Harlem Nike store giving away air Jordans.

  3. The fake polls will also give the voters(?) who support Biden a sense of complacency and millions will stay home. Of course, this is anticipated and the voter fraud SHOULD cover it – but you never know. In the last election the totalitarians thought they had cheated by enough to overcome the Americans, but they hadn’t – they won’t make that mistake, again.

    Until we implement the death penalty for voter fraud (it IS TREASON, by the way) for both the fraudulent voter and whoever pays for it, we will continue to suffer from it.

    The Republic has been slipping from our hands for nigh on 100 years, and we’re about to completely lose our grip on it.

    Drastic times call for drastic measures.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. You would think the democrat base could remember the 2016 polls and subsequent election loss. (sigh)

  5. @Janitor:

    That can backfire easily. A lot of people will see how outrageously ahead their guy is in the fake polls, assume the election is already in the bag,and not bother to show up at the polls.

  6. For anyone who wants to see who’s pulling Jackass Joe’s strings, just take a look at who is running this stooge’s campaign:,_2020

    This is a Media-Driven fiasco with NBC, MSNBC, CNN and Social Media companies at the helm. Extremely incestuous!!
    (and remember Anita Dunn – the Lizard Lady? One of Barak’s favorite Communists!)
    Kamala looks like she’s got the inside track for VP while these Media Liars still insist they are impartial. Wake up and smell the Bullshit!!

  7. When you talk about plying games with polls you talk about bogus question/sample weighting as well as sample size and type (Dem or GOP) as well as quite a number of other things a user can do with the results of the poll to display the wanted results. You sometimes have to dig deep into the methodology description of the poll printed at the end usually buried as deep as they can to find some of these tricks. In the video the author talked about the questions where Biden beat Trump on a preference question (who’s better at X, Biden or Trump) and showed some of the very scary results. If Joe isn’t dragged out from his bunker soon some of these mistaken impressions of his ability may tend to solidify.

  8. The same thing happened in 1984. I don’t expect a landslide as great as then but when people consider their lives, working for their own improvement against waiting for government cheese, they won’t bother voting for Biden.


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