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Is Conservative Momma getting blacklisted?

I have gotten multiple messages from people saying that Facebook is not allowing them to share my video and then I tried to re-share the video myself before accusing Facebook of censorship, thinking that maybe there might be some technical error, Facebook would not allow me to share it either.

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Here’s her latest video:

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  1. I dunno whether she is being shadowbanned, whether fb is randomly screwing with her, or it’s a clever ploy to expand her reach. I just posted the video. Went up without a hitch.

  2. Same here…I posted the link on my wall too. Now if tomorrow morning I wake up and find out my acct is suspended, I won’t be surprised.

  3. I personally feel that fuckbook constantly screws with my posts and what I am allowed to see from by FB friends.

  4. Extirpates, I think freakbooks knows exactly what I’m about. I just don’t have a high enough profile (unlike some fb friends, ha) to be a real thorn.

    Truth be told, I’ve been really busy the last year, and not as active online as i once was. Love you guys, but real life does tend to require and satisfy a lot in my limited time. Now, if we were able to do a meetup that my car could make it to, that would be fun.

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