“is dealing with personal issues”- Drunk Texas mom wrecks school play

KFI: A mother had to be removed from her child’s school play at Friendswood Junior High School in Texas after she became loud and disruptive. A police officer asked Christy Ann Churchwell to leave the auditorium and had to help her to the exit because she could barely walk. The officer said her breath reeked of alcohol and he found eight 75-milliliter bottles of vodka, seven of which were empty, in her purse.   more here

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  1. Although my mom never got kicked out, this is something I can sadly relate to. I pray the kids overcome their Mom’s failings. Glory be to God

  2. Tough all around. Beginning problem drinkers cling to the myth that vodka can’t be smelled on their breath. 8 little mini’s in her purse, so she can tell herself she’s just going to have “one little one”.

    Hope she gets things sorted out. Jail probably won’t help.

  3. Wait, I just clicked on the local-yokel news link. Shame on them.
    How crappy of TV news to put this on the air. Why shame this poor woman and make public her private problems? The public doesn’t need to know this. She’s not a public figure or elected official. She wasn’t throwing chairs around a Waffle House.

    A generation ago she might have just gotten a squad car ride home to her Mom and a stern warning, and maybe a number for AA or Social Services.
    Now cops everywhere seem conditioned that every encounter must end in cuffs and a booking.

  4. @scr_north May 15, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    Maybe she’s the theatre critic for the Houston Chronicle.

    Just doin’ her job.

  5. seriously, I’m thinking this gal has a great marketing opportunity in front of her … think .75 millimeter bottles of ‘your choice’ alcoholic vending machines at ever Quikie-Mart, Gas Station, 7-11 around …. “Dealing With Personal Issues? Relief Is Just A Nip Away!” …. the new, patented ‘Crazy Christy Instant Issue Pacifier’ … Must be 21 years of age to use this product … Credit/Debit cards only … ‘Now With Fireball!’

    hey, when life gives you lemons ….

  6. This is shameful, this woman doesn’t deserve her story shared with the world.
    And I’m thinking Vodka is Satans Cocktail, it screws up the most innocent amongst us.

  7. I think if she had just left she would have just been home by her embarrassed self with her family glaring at her and shaking their heads.
    But, she did hit a cop and flooded the jail, so, here we are.
    You wanna live a private life, don’t act like a fool in public.

    Maybe this is what it will take to straighten her ass out. If not, this is the time for her family to get on with their life without her.

  8. erb, sorry you went through that. My grandmother’s best friend had a husband who was drunk from dusk til dawn. One of their kids became an addict in her 40s. The other kid went on to nursing and doesn’t drink. Funny how stuff happens.

  9. Upscale neighborhood about 18 miles
    from my house.Founded by the Quakers
    around 1900.I cannot afford to live there…

  10. Respectfully disagree with those that criticize the treatment she got. If you didn’t witness the event you don’t know what took place nor why she maybe deserved even hasher treatment. Also, there’s the idea that until you’re forced to face your behaviors and have to look squarely at what you have and are doing with your life the ability to consider a change regarding the booze/drugs doesn’t take place. Strong possibility that she remembers none of what took place.

    Sometimes it has to get really ugly before it can get better…

  11. “You wanna live a private life, don’t act like a fool in public.”

    Truer words were never spoke … uhhh … written …

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Rufus, I agree. The woman obviously needs help and now thanks to the media her life is most likely ruined socially. Must have been a slow news day.

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