Is Die Hard a ‘Christmas Movie’? Yay or Nay

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  1. Aye! Die Hard IS a Christmas movie!

  2. I don’t even remember the whole plot, but knowing the whole Die Hard series theme I’d say emphatically NO!

    Give me “It’s a Wonderful Life” any day.

  3. 2 of them are.
    2 take place at Christmas
    Wife’s name is Holly.
    People are Banging in the office, drinking & doing Columbian snow.
    Lots of Fighting, swearing and some crying. –> definitely Christmas.

  4. Just watched “The Green Book”. It took place at Christmas…and made me laugh. Added to my Christmas movies…along with Die Hard.

  5. @Anonymous – good guys win and love triumphs in movies all year round. Does that mean that Christmas movies are released in January through December?

  6. “Ho Ho Ho. Now I have a machine gun.”

    Best Christmas sentiment that can be carried throughout the year.

  7. It is for me. I watch it every Christmas Eve. If it fits some cosmic definition of a Christmas movie, can’t say.

  8. Just as much as Home Alone is a Christmas movie I guess?

    I would say no but does it really matter in Joey Biden’s America?

  9. Personally, I have considered it a Christmas Movie for years already.
    But a recent video I watched just backed up the reasoning why it is a Christmas Movie. The fact the Christmas Holiday directly causes the plot of the film to occur. The creator of the video (wish I could find it again) said there are movies that happen to take place at Christmas – but could occur the same at any other time of the year with little to no change of the script (like the first Lethal Weapon) and as such cannot be considered Christmas Movies. Then there are films like Die Hard whose entire plot is dependent on the fact it takes place at Christmas. If not for Christmas, John would not have been invited to LA to attend the Nakatomi Christmas Party. If John was not in LA, the events of Die Hard would not have happened. Thus, Die Hard IS a Christmas Movie!

  10. Sofa King tired of this debate year after year.

    Lookit, this ain’t fuzzy math. Does the person return in time to spend time with the family for the holiday? There it is. Even if it is brief, does this happen? That’s what makes a holiday movie. We all know how Die Hard ends. Can this be how this debate ends?

    I remember a more pleasant time when I would attempt to steer thru the holiday season without hearing Adam Sandler singing. Now I do my best to navigate around glory tales of America’s most apathetic actor.

  11. Uncle Al… That’s absolutely impossible
    No one black, No one white, No one celebrates Kwanzaa!

  12. It’s an action movie with a Christmas backdrop, so I like to watch it during the season. So it’s an action/Christmas time movie. or yes.

  13. Yes…Do You think the three Wiseman just waltzed across the Desert without any


    Lethal Weapon is also a Christmas Movie….

    You have to think about the timing of when You actually saw the Movie…Was it

    during Christmas? If yes, then it is a Christmas Movie based on Your memories

    of watching it with loved ones (or in My case ex-girlfriends whose Parents

    still Love Me)

  14. The plot is not about Christmas, but Christmas serves as the backdrop to the story.
    That’s the same situation with “It’s a Wonderful Life”, another great classic thought of as a Christmas movie.

    “Plain, Trains and Automobiles” one of my favorite Christmas movies, actually is about Christmas.

    So the criteria to determine what defines a Christmas movie may be between, is the main storyline about Christmas or Christmas themes used through a movie? or could it be both?

    For me, there’s plenty of direct Christmas references in “Die Hard” to make it at least an alternative Christmas movie.

  15. It is what is called a Christmas Adjacent movie. A movie that takes place at Christmas but has nothing to do with Christmas

  16. Wizard of Oz plays every Christmas, yet not a “Christmas movie” as far as I can tell
    Neither is “The Sound of Music”.

  17. Ooops thanks, Joe6pak. I meant Thansgiving but, I do watch the movie during Christmas time.

    Kinda still makes the point, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is about the holiday itself. Thanksgiving is not just an occurrence during the movie.

  18. 99th, I agree. And it’s mostly about the good in people, instead of fighting off terrorists in order to celebrate a holiday. I liked Die Hard, but it’s an action, anti terrorism movie. Not a Christmas movie.

  19. Oscar and Clue are Christmas movies.

    Well, when I came home for Christmas for many years, those are the two movies we always watched and laughed our guts out.

    The are Christmas movies. So there.

  20. Yes, but please also consider….

    Bruce Willis spends most of his time sneaking around a tower avoiding Alan Rickman, ergo it is also a Harry Potter movie


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