Is Georgetown forcing students to pay slave reparations?

ONN: Georgetown University officials are pushing to force students to pay reparation fees for slaves that the Catholic institution sold in the 1830s.

To pay off debts nearly two centuries ago, the Washington, D.C.- based university sold 272 African-American slaves, according to the College Fix, as leaders at the institution believe that having students pay the deceased indentured servants’ relatives will make amends – and they are coming to a conclusion on the issue after taking a vote.

“The student Senate recently authorized a campus-wide referendum to vote on whether or not to create a fund that would benefit the descendants of the 272 men, women and children who were sold in 1838 to pay off the school’s debts,” TheBlaze reported. “The vote was approved 20–4.”

Paying for a 200-year-old mistakes of the institution

The resolution outlined what the fees would be paying to.


“The proceeds of the GU272 Reconciliation Contributions will be allocated for charitable purposes directly benefiting the descendants of the GU272 and other persons once enslaved by the Maryland Jesuits – with special consideration given to causes and proposals directly benefiting those descendants still residing in proud and underprivileged communities,” the resolution declares, according to the College Fix.

The university’s paper, The Hoya, announced that students are slated to vote on the proposal in April, and a $27.20 semester fee would be collected from students at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, but students receiving financial aid would not be affected by the fee.

Students up in arms

Opposition to the proposed forced reparations was voiced at a campus meeting by many Georgetown students who firmly stand against the referendum – arguing that it is not their responsibility to make reconciliation for the university’s past actions.

Georgetown University Senator Evan Farrara made students’ opposition very clear.


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  1. Pay up suckers. We’ll be back for more.

    The idiocy runs like a pyroclastic lava flow through liberal land, and they’re just beginning to feel the heat.

  2. Georgetown continues to sell human beings into slavery by virtue of the leftist bullshit they indoctrinate students with.

  3. Sloppy reporting. The rest of the GU 272 resolution read: “Proceeds from the mandatory student fees will be used to purchase the descendants of those slaves sold in 1838 inasmuch as Georgetown University has recognized that the 1838 administration made a grievous mistake in selling a valuable labor resource. University grounds and cafeteria services have suffered in the intervening 181 years and nothing is so soothing as the sounds of negro spirituals being sung while the hedges are being trimmed.

    Students who object to this forward thinking philosophy will also be sold into bondage as the job market for GU graduates will become non-existent once the Green New Deal is implemented.”

  4. Georgetown is NOT forcing the students to pay. The students are attending Georgetown voluntarily. They can quit any time they want which is what any intelligent person would do. But if they stay they get what they deserve.

  5. Just a note on the issue of “reparations for slavery.”

    In point of fact, slavery having been legal at the time, slaves were lawfully owned property which was taken from the owners by force of arms.

    The Constitution requires that property taken must be accompanied by “just compensation.”

    Accordingly, it is the former slave owners who are entitled to “reparations” or, to put it in proper terms, “just compensation.”

    If former slaves are looking for compensation arising out of the circumstances of their enslavement they should look to the source. That is, moslem/arab slave traders and the tribes which captured and sold them to the slave traders.

    Let us put this in its proper legal perspective.

    Just sayin’.

  6. My ancestors did their own work. I would contribute to a fund to send some of them back to Africa however…starting with Maxine Waters for instance.

  7. Is Georgetown forcing students to pay reparations? That would mean all students the way its written. I’m sure there has to be exemptions for a certain group!

  8. The reason why slavery is wrong is because we each own our own lives as our own property. To say that people who live 181 years after the fact “have greatly sinned and because we are profoundly sorry” as if those now living are inextricably bound and bonded to the lives of others past or present is be so intellectually incoherent that one must conclude this comes from a deranged mind.

  9. Why are the students required to pay? Shouldn’t Georgetown and the Jesuits pay out their own largess? I’m sure Georgetown has a huge endowment pile of cash they are sitting on.

  10. These slaves were valued and trustworthy property. The good ones cost a lot of money. Owners were dependant on them. They were well cared for.

    Health care, housing, clothing, specialized training for some, a garden of their own, hunting and fishing rights, and burial insurance, and more. Their religious training resulted in thousands of souls turning to Christ.

    Be sure to deduct all those costs for however number of years from the amount of reparation.

  11. Africans sold into slavery were typically warriors captured in battle (survivors, big and strong) by other africans. The biggest and strongest were sold to the muslim slave traders. The biggest and strongest of these were sold to the Spanish and English slave traders, who put them on ships headed for the Americas. Only the strongest survived the journey. When sold in America, the slave owners selected the biggest and strongest for breeding. Notice that nowhere in this chain of events did the SMARTEST survive, nor were slaves selected for breeding because of their intelligence. And this, my friends is why our inner cities are in the mess they are in. I say if they want reparations for slavery, go get it from African muslims, Brits and Spaniards.

  12. It’s never going to be enough. These students are subsidizing malcontentment. Whatever you subsidize you get more of. What a world they’re preparing for themselves!

  13. Re-write the proposal to mandate the payments come from the Board, Faculty and Staff salaries only. Take that vote again. Bet it won’t be 20-4 this time.

  14. If the reparation claim is legitimate
    Why isn’t the Vatican opening its vast treasury ?

    The most wealthy single entity in the world
    Is the Vatican

    And nearly ALL its treasures were accumulated
    By conquest
    By religious EXTORTION and
    By feigned poverty and kept

    By taxation EXEMPTION

    When will the DOPE admit to the
    Millennial HYPOCRISY ?


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