Is Harvey Weinstein going to name names?


The Book Harvey Weinstein Carried To His Arraignment May Have Been A Warning.

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was perp-walked on Friday morning as he turned himself in to police in New York City.

As he was taken to court for his arraignment on rape charges, a few people noticed that Weinstein was carrying a biography of controversial Hollywood director Elia Kazan — and they wondered whether he could be sending a message. more here

10 Comments on Is Harvey Weinstein going to name names?

  1. Hope the following names come up: De Niro, Kimmel, Colbert, Jon Stewart, James Taylor, Cher, Olberman, Clinton, etc… etc…

  2. Police Line Up:

    That’s him… Right there number 3…

    He’s the one that …… got me an Oscar…


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