Is it finally becoming acceptable to call Ben Shapiro a schmuck?

He’s getting slammed, bipartisanly, on Twitter for this ill-conceived and unnecessary quip.

The comments suggest that people are just now becoming aware of how much of a shitweasle this guy can be.

Especially after this sarcastic non-apology.


Shapiro, no doubt, will be calling for the president to be primaried, leading the charge on #Trexit.



35 Comments on Is it finally becoming acceptable to call Ben Shapiro a schmuck?

  1. Thank you. I watched this cucks shit all day long. I finally decided he’s pissed because he thinks he’s the smartest midget alive and no ones consulted him. He should run for President. I want to see the smartest midget Jew debate DJT on stage. The guy grates on me. He needs to be shut down.

  2. I’m staking my ground right here. I’m not a Jew hater. Why do so many Jews vote Lintard. I don’t get it. It’s like they’re waiting for the next box car. Is that out of line? I don’t think so.

  3. Bad_Brad as a Jew myself and I have mentioned here a few times over the years… the number ONE enemy of Israel and a free America is the U.S. liberal Jew. They invent ways to destroy this country on s daily basis.

  4. @Bad_Brad: These are second and third generation secularized Jews whose parents or grandparents fled the Russian pogroms and/or had family traumatized by the Holocaust. The ancestors developed and inculcated in them a visceral irrational fear of Christians and this fear of religion also fostered the children’s and grandchildren’s secularization, even hatred of religion to the point of atheism, and also the tradition of always siding with a perceived underdog group because there remained vestiges of anti-Semitism in America; along the way they also began exalting FDR (because Holocaust and unions) and associating Republicans with Christians and prejudiced blue bloods in urban enclaves such as NYC.

  5. If his name was Benjamin Sharp would you all be talking about what religion he is? This guy doesn’t represent anyone but himself and some of you goons seem unaware that he’s a hard line conservative. After all, one of the main reasons he dislikes Trump, whom I happen to love, is because he claims Trump’s not a real conservative. Let me leave you with a little list: Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Mark Steyn, Michael Savage, Steve Mazberg, Michael Medved, Matt Drudge, David Horowitz, Jonah Goldberg, Pamela Geller, and Ezra Levant – all conservative Jews. If you want Jews to quit the increasingly Antisemitic Democrats they’re more likely to do so if they feel welcomed by the Republicans and do net sense any hostility. That’s a couple more million votes for our side, people.

  6. I’ve never liked the nasally little shit pickle. My brother listens to all of his crap and I try to steer him clear of the Shaprio ego driven podcasts, but he doesn’t listen to me. ;b

  7. @Bad_Brad (at 2:11 am): I voted Lintard once. Then the bastards tried to tax my belly button!

    Never again.


  8. ANON

    What group has the highest rate of suicide in the wojrld? And this has been the case for centuries. MOT

    You dont get an OY VEY! if you do not understand.

    It is “Self Hate” 100 years ago many German MOT backed “Adi”?!@#$%?! GEVALT they got to wear a star to let every one know their tribe. I know not why the self hate; but it is there, and has been for almost 6,000 years.

  9. He’s addicted to being offensive and he’ll satisfy his craving to be a dick by shooting his mouth off for the least reason.

    I’ve listen to his podcast from time to time. It’s funny, when he bitches about the current president he never offers an alternative who he thinks would be better.

  10. Havardr Ivansson ~

    If Ben Shapiro is a “hard line conservative” I’m the Queen of England.

    If he had any common sense he’d have noticed by now that President Trump has passed more of the Conservative agenda than any of the ‘so called’ Conservative talking head political geniuses ever wished for.

    He should be shouting this President’s successes from every rooftop. Instead he’s hoping to ride out 6 more years and hope we fall back to idiocy and elect someone like Rubio or Nikki Haley and he can cash in by towing the GOPe line.

    He’s everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party. While President Trump is currently the only thing that’s right.

  11. People on this site saying shut him down. Great soon no one will be able to talk.
    Turn him off not shut him down.

  12. Meh… he pisses off the people that NEED pissing off. Every once in a while, you’re gonna miscalculate. Snowflakes STILL need melting – give him a good be-otchslap, and let him go.

  13. BTW – To answer Ben’s original question.

    When shitheads like you allow things like the Kavanaugh confirmation to happen, due to your hatred of all things orange. Yeah, that’s pretty much all we’re going to get. Greatness has no desire to be a part of your shenanigans and witch hunts!

    Thankfully, Trump stepped up to the plate. He’s getting bashed every second for doing so, but he’s tougher than you pansies. If Trump didn’t make this SACRAFICE, we’d all probably be wearing Mao suits and have numbers tattooed on our forearms.

  14. I get a kick out of people like Shapiro. Arrogant, self righteous, pompous.
    He says out of 330 million people those were the best we could come up with? Well Ben, put your money where your mouth is. If you’re so great run for POTUS.
    Trump is the only one who is becoming poorer by being POTUS. The others used their position to bilk millions out of people and governments.

    Shapiro is a jerk with small man syndrome.

  15. “… a visceral irrational fear of Christians …”
    Hardly irrational.
    But, that still doesn’t explain the Jewish affinity for socialism.
    My take, from a cursory reading of the “Old Testament,” is that the Jews go fucking apeshit every 2nd or 3rd generation – adopting idol gods and worshipping Mammon. Instead of the Holocaust bringing the Jews to God, understanding that the Holocaust was engineered by MEN, sanctioned by MEN, executed by MEN, and that the Jews did NOTHING (relatively speaking) to stop it, they rejected God and their own complicity (complicity isn’t really fair – passivity?).

    So, maybe, like Geo. Soros, Barry Obola, Joe Stalin, Vlad Lenin, Adolf Hitler, Michael Bloomberg, Babs Streisand, and a host of others, they just figure that they can enrich themselves through socialism?
    It’s a pretty well tried-and-true scam – been working, in one form or another, since ancient Athens and Sparta.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. What happened after his on air argument with that psycho tranny that threatened to assault him for using a wrong pronoun? What does being born hebrew have to do with his narcissistic TDS. And what’s with all the Heeb hate these days, is it because the mulignans stopped burning cities, attacking whitey and shooting cops?

  17. JTucker

    When a conservative says shut him down they mean stop patronizing them. Boycott. Ignore them. What were you thinking?

  18. I wish Ben Shapiro was Ben Shapinetti.

    All of my criticism would be exactly the same and I wouldn’t have to worry about being called an antisemite.

    I’m not seeing what his religion has to do with any of my contempt for his Trump hatred.

  19. You will be called some crimestop name. It doesn’t matter. As long as we are victorious against the communists it’s just noise.

    I like Ben Mdodo Shapinetti.

  20. But,but…he’s more conservative than all other conservatives combined because he defines the very word ‘conservative’! Because MUH CONSERVATISM! And he’s totally so much more smarterer than us.

    What a tool.

  21. AlIl I know is that for someone who exalts Reason and Rational argument, Shapiro adroitly ignores the facts of this administration’s activities and successes.

    In short (pun intended), Shapiro is a liar who twists the truth to suit his own agenda — and ego. After awhile there is no benefit of the doubt.

  22. Can’t stand the guy and never could stand him. Can’t stand his mentor and butt buddy Medved either. As for Medved’s character, I can tell you that while a service member stationed at McChord AFB was deployed, Medved’s earlier iteration of Shapiro, Mike Siegel, was getting busy with the guy’s significant other and Medved was standing right next to the guy at a “support the troops” event when Seigal began hitting on her.

  23. Medved? Oh the Hollywood Republican Progressive? He’s all about his feelz.

    No one should ever put Pamela Geller’s name in the same sentence with Medved or in comparison with Medved. She worked hard to get where she is, an actual solid Conservative, fights for others, fights for herself, for the victims of islamic jihad (both muslim and nons), she’s in your face, speaks her mind, and she doesn’t deserve her name being sullied that way.


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