Is it safe to play Christmas music yet?

Yes? Well then, here we go!
Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms.

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  1. “Is it safe to play Christmas music yet?”


    -on behalf everyone who ever spent a Christmas working retail, where you CAN’T ESCAPE IT FOR THREE MONTHS.

  2. SNS, Some of the crap they play the rest of the year shortens the time I spend in the store. Rap and I’m out of there.

  3. I’m sure Home Depot has it cranked up louder than a Who Concert…

    Throw in the 114 Decibel Forklift Beeping….and I can’t remember

    what I was in the Store for ….

  4. I was recently (12/4) at LAX airport. I was surprised that there were artificial Xmas trees decorated up, and Xmas carols being played throughout the airport! Not just the standard carols either like Rudolph. Nope it was genuine Jesus carols. Gave me some hope.

  5. @Goldenfoxx: If I saw that at DFW airport, I would faint. There are so many muzzies working there, it would never happen.

  6. Supernightshade-
    I worked at a retail giant when the disney movie aladdin first came out.
    I had to hear the soundtrack ALL Frickin DAY.

    ” Prince Ali! Fabulous he!
    Ali Ababwa….”


  7. I used to change the lyrics. lol.

    “A whole new woooooooooorld…
    without Aladdin mocking meeeee
    For now I’m crying here
    It’s crystal clear
    That I have to burn the store down-
    A whole new stooooooore…..”

  8. @99
    RE: Little Drummer Boy

    …and just like that, if only for a moment, I’m young and innocent again.

    Thank you.


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