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Is It Time To Bring Back the Word ‘Bum’?

Oregon Catalyst:
By William MacKenzie

On June 17, Portland’s alternative weekly, Willamette Week, posted a story titled, “Tires Slashed, Mirrors Shattered Along Laurelhurst Street Where Tensions Between Neighbors and Houseless Residents Continue to Escalate.”

“Houseless residents”?

How did the media and much of liberal Portland get to the point where people who slash tires, shatter car mirrors, rip out landscape lights, overturn trash and recycling bins, destroy landscaping and damage parking strip trees are simply described as “houseless,” as though that’s their defining characteristic? How did we get to the point where people doing this:

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  1. Because putting “bum” in the story would make people think of the president and that would cause confusion.

  2. How did we get to the point where people doing this

    The most holy of Bolshevik holies: Capitalism.

  3. The bums used to shit it the covered stairwell alcove at an old commercial press job I had years ago in downtown Atlanta. The upper mgmt and journos (all women and fruits) came in that way, and demanded that the press crew clean it up. So we doused it with press cleaning fluid and torched it. They never asked us to clean up the bum dung again. Had a locking gate installed within a week. And no, I never stopped using the word “bum”.

  4. Clem Cadiddlehopper says that’s racist! Butt does approve of the English meaning, Her bum looks good or 1 in the bum is worth 2 in the bush.

  5. Bummer man bummer, no one should be called a bum unless they’re a no good shiftless, dreg of a human being who refuses to work and expects the gubmint to do everything for them, then they’re a bum. A bum is a bum is a bum, it’s time to bring back the use of the word bum to describe those who don’t work and expect handouts for everything. Most of the so called homeless are really nothing but bums in the first place, since they refuse to work and expect everybody else to provide for them. Like the old parody Salvation Army song went in part, put another nickel on the drum, save another drunken bum.

  6. If they come to Maine the govt will use our money and put them up in hotels. Room service, maid service, pool.
    Ya. Bums is appropriate. For them and the bums in govt letting them stay.

  7. Don’t feel sorry for folks in that wealthy neighborhood. They’re about 98% democrats who are getting what they voted for.

  8. Anyone caught voting for communists/democrats, should be forced to clean up those messes, take in homeless bums at their own expense. Start with teachers then head to the Mayor’s office.

  9. Just like Tekas & Arasonia % +New Mex are getting the onslot of S. Americans, right, because they deserve it f-head.

  10. I prefer “worthless junkie scumbag” myself for accuracy’s sake, but “bum” is more concise.

  11. I never stopped using the word bum either because that’s what they are. Calling them homeless by defining them by what they DON’T have is ridiculous. Using their logic, I’d have to refer to myself as “Yachtless.”

  12. Sorry, this deserves a response”
    “The most holy of Bolshevik holies: Capitalism.

    You stupid Ura Peon fuck. No, it’s the intervention into Capitalism that caused this. Socialism is for weak people, like yourself.

  13. Bums wreck everything they touch, because they are low-down filthy bums.

    The film Dr. Zhivago showed what happened when low-lifes get housing handed to them by the gov’t. They wreck it. Because they’re bums.

  14. I’ve not heard the term “houseless” before. What about “condoless”? Some bums can’t afford a single family houseless and have to downsize to a condoless. The HOA fees though…

  15. How did we get to this place? The West has turned its back to God, that’s how. Bums, derelicts, ne’er do wells, the shiftless, hobos; they have no fear of God’s wrath against their crimes. They feel no abject shame for their sorry lot, as people once did. Bums used to present themselves hat in hand, shamed by their refusal to clean themselves up and seize all honest opportunities to improve their lot. Now many sit on their butts all day holding up cardboard signs (which they probably stole from another bum) asking for alms. Many have the audacity to write “God Bless” on them!

    My grandparents’ farm was bordered on one side by the railroad. Occasionally a hobo would show up at the back door looking for a meal, but not without first asking if he (they were always men) could put his hand to a useful task in return for it. Today you’d be crazy to employ a bum. They don’t work; they don’t know how to work; they are physically unable due to addictions and chronic laziness. Beyond that, they’d use the opportunity to case your home for future opportunities to steal from you.

    How did we end up here?

    Benjamin Franklin: “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

    Franklin was certainly in a position to understand that being poor in his new country where hard work and even slight ingenuity prospered a man was preferable to the work houses of England in a feudal system that chained us to a station above which we could not rise.

    Our gov’t has failed us, yes. But our churches have failed us more. When is the last time you heard a sermon out of an American pulpit that blasted anyone for being on welfare? Oh, no! They say God provides through the charity of others and many believe that charity is owed them or that charity is what “The Great Society” must force by taxation. This is not charity as Jesus defined it. And this is how we got to this place.

    (Anyone else see the great conjunction this morning. It’s outside my window right now as I write this!)

  16. This is the best time of the year; the Sun is now rising just before 5 AM in the morning and setting just before 9 PM in the evening. We now get 16 hrs. of glorious daylight and there is no time to be a bum with God’s everyday gift of waking up every morning to a sunrise and a long day to get things done. Hallelujah, I’m not a bum! Of course, I may tell you a different story 6 months from now when we only have 8 hrs. of daylight and it’s dark and dreary and cold outside but that’s still no excuse to be a slacker and a bum. there are still plenty of things to do inside as always during the Winter. We need to quit whining and complaining and enjoy every new day that God has given us while we’re still alive.

  17. The Bumsters….they live on 666 Misery Lane.

    Gran’pa Bumster…been a bum for 600 years…adept at killing rats and drinking their blood.

    Herman Bumster – middle-aged bum…too many hits on the crack pipe has rendered him a silly, brain-dead, bumbling bum.

    Lily Bumster – 60 years ago she was pretty – now she’ll sell her wrinkled old ass for a cigarette.

    Eddie Bumster – learning the ropes of a bum’s life – he’s the best at finding “edible” food in garbage cans…before aged 8 he smoked 10 joints a day…later he switched to fentanyl and he’s got the fentanyl crawl down pat.

    Marilyn Bumster – the only non-bum in the family – wants to go to med school and become a doctor…her family despised her for getting off the streets.

  18. I feel such pity for the tentless. That’s far worse than what the homeless or houseless endure. Or the dumpsterless. Every time I see dumpsterless people, I feel such anger for our heartless country. Damn America for letting this happen.

    But I really feel bad for the lifeless. I’ll do whatever I can to help them. Last week, I almost ran over one who was sleeping in the freeway. The poor man had nowhere else to go. They have a tough life.


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