Is it wrong to take a guess as to who Speier is referring to?


During testimony before the Committee on House Administration on Tuesday, Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) stated there are two current members of Congress, one Republican, and one Democrat who have sexually harassed people.

Speier said, “In fact, there are two members of Congress, Republican and Democrat, right now, who serve, who have not been subject to review, but have engaged in sexual harassment.”

She continued, “These harasser propositions such as, ‘Are you going to be a good girl?’ To perpetrators exposing their genitals, to victims having their private parts grabbed on the House floor. All they ask in return as staff members is to be able to work in a hostile-free work environment. They want the system fixed and the perpetrators held accountable.”

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  1. It’s one thing to “train” pre-schoolers that they should be accepting of cross dressers in public, of sexually confused transgenders in primary school. That takes beaucoup “training.”

    But, it is insane to think that we elect someone to Congress and then have to “train” him not to drag out his dick in presence of a staff member. Is this “training” dumb — or what? Can you imagine the hours of boring powerpoints? ….Lady in Red

  2. People forget that Biden has had not one, but two, intracranial procedures done. The way that creep acts, I’m betting that his doctors left a few Junior Mints in there.

  3. People forget that Biden has had not one, but two, intracranial procedures.
    I thought you said interracial procedures.Hahaha
    My Bets on Biden and McCain.

  4. Ted Kennedy just emailed me to say, “All they did was ask them to be good girls, and then grab their crotch? I don’t get it – where does the sexual harassment start?”

  5. If “The Crucible” was an American ‘classic’ to criticize McCarthy,
    WHAT will be the appropriate metaphor for today’s Leftists?

  6. Biden shouldn’t count. He’s not even trying to hide the groping, the grabass, the crotch grinding. Half his victims are underage, while their compromised parents pretend to be struck temporarily blind.

  7. I read this am somewhere that women in congress, whether pols, staff or interns have a network telling each other who the offenders are. They are advised to avoid reps who sleep in their office. Guess who does or did that? PAUL RYAN!!!

  8. The article states that Linda Sanchez was also harassed. Now I’m getting a bit cautions of all of these allegations.

    I worked at an event and was host to her and her family. Linda was flirtatious and always had to be the center of attention. Passing by a couple of uniformed CHP officers leaning against a wall, she commented “You two look Hot!”. It wasn’t so much the statement, but the wink that went with it.

  9. DC is a Hierarchy for all those playing the political/bureaucratic game. So most of the potential hookups will be exploitative: unbalanced, unequal, unfair and manipulative.
    Now that gay is “safe” politically, there’s a disproportionately large % of LBGTQ here.
    Like Hollywood.

    DC also attracts narcissists and attention seekers of all types. And, disproportionately, Dunning-Kruger types who are each under the happy delusion they are unique Machiavellian supergeniuses. Most are actually just high school Mean Girls in suits, because that’s all a peacetime seniority bureaucracy like ours requires.

    Women who were with Bill Clinton in his prime have said he was smallish, unimpressive, had no stamina and bordered on ED despite stimulants.
    26 trips to Pedo Island. Those poor girls.

  10. I’m going to say Ryan is the Republican. I heard a rumor when he was running with Romney that he was all over a woman against her will in Oklahoma while him and his wife were visiting her family. Supposedly her democratic political family paid not only the woman off but those attending the party who were not family members.

    Sounded like a tall tale at the time, but since now accusations = guilty, Paul Ryan is a pervert.

  11. This is Fake News. You absolutely know that in a group of 100 Senators there is more than 1/2 a perv on each side. LOL!

    I’d say there are both men and women in that group, too. And not just garden variety pervs, but pedo’s too.

  12. One? A few??
    Shit. My money says that you’d be hard-pressed to find a single congressvermin who is NOT depraved, immoral and reprehensible.
    And you get to hear their hypocrisy daily. We need to deploy that weapon that wipes out all life but leaves property intact. Wash DC has been absolutely begging for it.

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