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Is JEB! Losing the Primary to Win the General?

JenKuznicki- It was a puzzling statement for sure when Jeb Bush said early on in his run for president that Republicans need to stop trying to win the argument, and that he would rather lose the primary in order to win the general.


Many, including me, asked just how it is possible to lose the primary but go on to win in the general, a race determined by who wins the Republican primary.

But now that Jeb has thoroughly botched the debates, and fallen far short of getting enough momentum before Iowa to be considered in contention for winning the primary, shouldn’t we ask whether he is simply following through with his stated goal? read more

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  1. I’m definitely NOT a Jeb! fan, but I have to think he meant the party, not an individual. That sort of argument has been used by the GOPe before to steer voters away from more conservative candidates in the primaries (or at least try to).

  2. I have to believe they can find better leadership for the party than Jebbers, but considering the current slugs they have running things today who can’t find their own asses with both hands I have serious doubts!

  3. Yeb is hated and floundering at 5%.

    Trump is roaring on top at 35%.

    Somehow everyone in between will will gravitate to the bottom loser that was below their candidate instead following the cool kid. Yeah, thats how it usually works…

  4. FYI Lefty leaners I know who voted for Obama twice and have now concluded that he is WAY more left than they ever expected find JEB! is a safe choice if they decide to vote Republican this year.

  5. Desperate people do stupid things. I can’t wait to see exactly what the RNC will do to elect Bush. They know the party is over if the Donald gets elected.

  6. so he meant lose the primaries in certain states but get the nomination at the convention by manipulating the rules.

  7. I’d rather have JEB than Hillary. I’d vote for Jeb 10 times if I could, rather than have Hillary back in the WH.

    I’m serious. Jeb is bad but Hillary is disastrous.

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