Is Kamala a strong woman or not?!

Patriot Retort: One of the things that has always irritated me about Kamala Harris is her insistence on bragging about what a strong woman she is while simultaneously wilting like a fragile flower at the slightest criticism.

Truth is this is standard operating procedure for all Leftist Feminists.

In December 2017, I wrote a post titled “I am Woman, hear me ro …. NO FAIR!” which discusses this very thing:

[A]fter Kirsten Gillibrand slammed Donald Trump for decades-old accusations of sexual misconduct, President Trump hit back on Twitter.

And like every Democrat woman who talks tough, Kirsten scampered away and hid behind the skirts of her fellow Pussy-Hat-wearing fragile flowers.

The collective meltdown coming from the I-am-Woman-Hear-Me-Roar crowd was a sight to behold.

Sure, they strut around like the Cowardly Lion – snarling and snapping – until Trump smacks one of them on the nose, then they’re all breathless sobs and howls of pain.

But next to Hillary, Kirsten Gillibrand and Liz Warren, Kamala’s “I’m a Strong Woman how dare you call me names” routine is the most tiresome.

If Kamala was actually the strong woman she claims to be, maybe it’s time she proves it. more here

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  1. Willie had her back too. And her front. And any which way he wanted her. Hard to have her back when it is planted firmly on the mattress.

    Joe and the Hoe 2020

  2. Fathers don’t let your daughters grow up like this

    All these women want to be treated equally to men until the going gets rough. Then they whine and cry and blame you. The press has already been warned that they have to treat her with kid gloves because if they question or criticize any comment about what she stands for or what she wants to do it will labeled as sexist or racist not because it’s bad policy or bad for the country. And the press will gladly follow because they want her to win too

    This is the same for all the groups calling for equality. But what they really want is the playing field made easier for them than for the rest of us because they feel they’re much more deserving and then there’s that thing of white privilege.

    If the people fall for this they deserve the government they get.

  3. I don’t know, after two and a half more months of exposure to her she’ll alienate the man vote for sure. Too much like that psycho-b*tch they were fortunate enough to dodge in their youth, or like the one who they are currently paying child support to.

  4. In my experience, when people have to let it be known how good they are or how long they have been in a certain field and can run circles around their colleagues, they are usually full of shit and nearly always the worst of the bunch. Also, when layoffs come around they generally are the first ones out the door.

    Give me the humble ones, because they know when to keep their mouths shut and when to let their actions do the talking. Then again, it’s not bragging IF you can back it up.

  5. The race is coming down to Individualist Riskers (IR) vs. Communal Safetyists (CS). Feeble Biden is a bad joke to IR, and he has to be frightening to CS. Harris needs to appear strong, but she’s right out of the gate playing the Weak Woman Card: “Racist White Man Tucker Said My Name Wrong Boo Hoo”.

    That isn’t going to help her get the suburban white gal vote. In fact, her supposedly brilliant “That Little Girl Was Me” is probably why she dropped out of the race before almost anyone else. Well, that, and another woman (Tulsi) destroyed her in debate, and she couldn’t cry about a Mean Man.

    If there is a VP debate, I don’t think she’ll hold up well against Pence on substance. The media will undoubtedly say she won against the Mean Man, but I think the public will see it differently. She’ll end up being Ferraro to Biden’s Mondale.

  6. “Is Kamala a strong woman or not?!”

    …sure, but mostly in terms of smells from her armpits and, uh, neither regions…

    …her IDEAS smell pretty powerfully bad too, like the syphillus-rotted brain they came from, so, sure, she’s strong THAT way…

  7. Liberals always equate being a relentless BITCH with strength.
    One need only view the actions of whitmer, to see that.

  8. Rumor has it that when KamaSutra Whoriss was boning Willie Brown, he would take her to sex clubs where she would participate in group sex with men and women. Some of these activities were caught on film. Allegedly.

  9. Remember HRC crying and sobbing at the Benghazi Hearing?
    All this Femi-Nazi tough-stuff is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT.

    Palin don’t cry.
    Love don’t cry.
    Ernst don’t cry.
    Condi Rice don’t cry.

    Funny how it’s only the lying hypocrites, like the rats they are, who cry when cornered by some inconvenient fact. Sorta like those negroes taking exception to “niggardly.”

    Delicate little snowflakes don’t survive long on a hot seat.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Blank & Skank 2020

    This is what the DNC came up with from a pool of candidates because as with all things Democrat, optics are the only thing that matters.

    Is Kamala a “strong” woman? Don’t know but like many here, I plan to stay safely upwind.

  11. Either a strong woman or a victim of oppression. Just depends on which way the wind is blowing that day.

  12. Yeah, she be tuff – had more balls slapped into her face than B. Hussein Obola and Pete Buttigieg, combined – AND THAT’S A LOT!
    (ax Willie)

    She can take it! Either end! Or BOTH ends! Cum One, Cum All Uh!

    izlamo delenda est …

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