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Is Kamala Being Set Up To Be Replaced By Pete Buttigieg?


Vice President Kamala Harris is facing White House sabotage as the establishment media lay out Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s path to the presidency.

With Harris’s history of “mistreatment of employees and dissent” before entering the White House, the establishment media have begun reporting on the infighting and “sabotage” impacting the office of the vice president. more

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  1. Only the dems would select a candidate for her gender and race. She quickly proves to be a spectacular failure, so they select the next candidate for his sexual orientation.

  2. Pipe dreams from the media fabulists. When have they ever been right about any palace intrigue? They’re always the last ones to know, and the most surprised by who actually moves where. Sally Kohns, “straightforward from here”, every one of them.

    Play “Fantasy White House” all you want, journos, and savor your Buttigieg crush, but you’re stuck with the duds you helped to fraud in. If Joe dies, you get Kamala. If he doesn’t die, you don’t get Kamala. Joe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well keep kissing Jill’s ass.

  3. Popcorn anyone? This show is getting good. Unfortunately, though, the destruction that the Resident Puppet is wreaking on America is ruining the side show.

  4. Consistency.
    That’s the Key.
    They both take it up the ass!

    Like someone else I Know of.

  5. Left Coast Dan

    Re: Qualified DemoCraps

    Agreed. Now that McShitStain is Dead.

  6. If you believe the election was stolen why wouldn’t they have put Petey Boy as VP from the get go? Makes no sense

  7. Two problems: 1) How do they get Kamala out? She might fight – viciously – rather than quit. 2) This would have to happen before the 2022 midterms, when the GOP is likely to retake the House and maybe the Senate. The 25th amendment requires that if the VP office becomes vacant, the president named a new with the MAJORITY support of BOTH houses of Congress.

  8. Maybe Pete Bootyjuice will become Veep, do a state visit to Iran, then get tossed off a twelve story building!

  9. @Stop2think

    African Americans, in many cases, do not like Gay people. They needed to sell the Trump was not elected because he is a racist lie. They could not do that with a Gay White Male and a whiter than shit Honkie Cracker.

    Thus, one of the whitest black women ( & Indian descent) gets the ticket.

  10. ChiGuy

    Camel Toe will not fight. She made the deal & they gave her VP.

    She knows damned well she could not even get 2% support way back in the primaries. The deal got her paid for the rest of her life & her name in the history books.

    Thus, the nervous laughter. Pelosi WILL wipe her out politically if she deviates from the plan .

  11. When Fake News goes after somebody, they better punch up their resume. The Lefties realize they have a mess of their own making on their hands, and really have no way out.

    Buttpeg was as big an incompetent as Chlamydia, so I doubt he’s on the list, short or long.

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