Is Nothing Sacred To These People?

If you thought the Elf on a Shelf was awful to have staring down on you, now someone is offering a tree-topper ornament of an angelic Hillary Clinton.


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  1. Is she holding a shot glass, ’cause her hands are not folded in prayer.


    (Is anything sacred to these people? Hell no! With emphasis on Hell.)

  2. I hate it when the progs do something so simultaneously absurd, grotesque, and hilarious that you can’t mock it.

    Saint Hillary. Patroness of Stubborn Refusal to Accept Lost Causes

  3. First, I wanted one so I could take it out in the desert and try my quick draw.
    Mrs. Lazlo demanded I not provide them any money.
    I am allowed to purchase one from a thrift store or a garage sale.
    Mrs. Lazlo also stipulates the pieces be lit on fire when I am done.

  4. In one of my humorous posts, I referred to Mrs. Clinton as the “Blessed Virgin Hillary”. never in my wildest imagination that I think anybody would take me up on it! perhaps it is just a coincidence!

  5. Is she holding an EpiPen?
    And missing one shoe?

    This is the mindset of the Left. Having pronounced themselves “too smart” for belief in a Higher Power, they can only substitute Politics. Always searching in vain for Messiahs and Saviors. And perfect parent figures.

  6. Let us now pray:

    “Hail Hillary full of Grape, the Bill is with thee.
    Blessed are thou among Feminists and anointed is the fruit of thy womb Chelsea.
    Holy Hillary Mother of Fraud, pray for us deplorables who await the hour of your death.


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