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Is Pelosi Looking to Annoy The Italians?

Could Pelosi look to an Italian ambassadorship?: Greg Gutfeld has questions.

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  1. She just wants this job so she can suck the bottoms out of all the free bottles of Top Shelf wine she can get her hands on that is being paid for by the U.S. Taxpayer.

  2. Here\’s a novel idea, get rid of ALL ambassador jobs everywhere.

    Before the advent of the telephone, maybe they served some purpose. Today they are totally unnecessary. If the official position of any country needs to be articulated or posited, instant communication with that nation is available.

    I know that compared to the trillions spent elsewhere it is a pittance, but you gotta start somewhere. One less governmental behemoth to fund.

  3. Why do these people have to hang around. You are filthy rich, almost 80, enjoy the few short years you have left. But no, they can’t get enough of living off the American taxpayer and corruption….it’s addictive.

  4. Oh, for pity’s sake … at least it would get the bitch out of the country.
    Though why the wops deserve such an insult is a mystery.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. If anybody is begging for an ambassador sinecure, it’s Hillary. I’m pretty sure that’s why we’re hearing so much from her right now. She’s worse than Horschak, and Stutter Kotter might just call on her to shut her up.

    And who was in Italy last week, meddling in Italian politics and wowing the press with her blue muu muu? With Huma in tow, no less. Looks like the band is back together for one last grift. Yes, my money is on Hillary, not Pelosi.

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