Is Schrage a BS Artist?

Over the weekend, Stefan Halper’s fellow academic and government official, Steven Schrage gives interviews on what he believes was the role of his PhD. Committee member Halper was in on the whole Carter Page / Crossfire Hurricane part in Obamagate. Here

Sundance at CTH doesn’t believe this guy for a nanosecond. Here

8 Comments on Is Schrage a BS Artist?

  1. Of course he’s full of bullshit. If he had stood up and spouted off a year or two ago there might be some tiny chance not, but not today.

    We need Chuck Barris and his gong back.

  2. This guy is saying nothing that is new topeople who have been paying attention for the past four years. I read his schtick at ZeroHedge yesterday, and it sounded like a letter to Penthouse Forum. Nothing but politico-erotic fiction. He even started his tale on a college campus, fercryinoutloud.

    Nothing but narrative establishment and lofo-priming for the coming indictments and widespread exposure of the failed coup attempt.


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