Is Senator Jack Reed Drunk During a Public Session of Congress?

If he’s drunk, he’s one of those guys who can string his words together quickly, but they might be a bit dislocated in spots, sort of like a sober Michael Eric Dyson.

Reed’s colleagues seem to know something is up and they start to lose it a bit.

Ladies and gentleman, this is your democrat party—>

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  1. I remember an Navy Admiral once trying to assure a Senator/Congressman whatever, that if 10.000 Marines were stationed in Guam, the island would not tip over and sink.
    I also remember Mad Maxine Waters telling some Oil executives that she was willing to “socialize…ugh, take over their companies…” I’m just curious. Should there come a time when the head of the FBI, CIA, etc. could tell
    a fucking idiot like Reed to fuck off. Shut to fuck up!

  2. I think they don’t crack up because the are dumbfounded and disgusted by the idiocy of many of those who govern. I’ve sat through my share of meetings where some blowhard is going on and on, loving the sound of his/her own voice, and all I can think is what a colossal waste of time they are making me endure.

  3. Since when did Democrats care about national security? These people want open borders, which is a big a threat to national security as there is.

    It’s a good thing Reed ran out of time. His next question would have been for the CIA to give the names of every spy they have in alphabetical order.

  4. Soooooo… the Sgt.-at-Arms position in the capitol building, is PURELY ceremonial, I take it? No powers of arrest? No ability to write an LWI ticket (legislating while intoxicated)?

  5. You know you must be a drunken moron when even Kamalalaland Harris is rolling her eyes and laughing at you.


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