Is That a Gun In Your Pocket?

The townswomen want guns vanquished from the city limits. Their plan is to withhold sex until the men give up all the guns.

Problems with the premise are obvious-

-Women own guns.

-Men could withhold all the important things they provide for women until they give up their stupid idea.

-What happens when the sh!tstains from the neighboring town realize they are a gun-free zone?

-Not all women think like the beta Hollywood males who made this movie.


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  1. the same tactic was used to establish prohibition and during the effort to establish women’s voting rights. but that was a different era. this looney tune idea is dangerous in this day and time.


    “” Before she was Donald Trump’s campaign manager, pollster Kellyanne Conway wrote a memo in favor of a bill to provide illegal immigrants a legal pathway to citizenship.

    The 2014 memo she co-authored for, a pro-immigration amnesty organization funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, said voters broadly supported the idea of an immigration reform bill, CNN reports. “”

    musta missed the thread on this

  3. Sorry Hollywood, you may have kicked the cigarette habit, but you’ll never escape your gun addiction.

    Maybe if all the wives and mistresses of Hollywood producers, directors and writers locked up their snizzes, there’d be no guns onscreen.

  4. I don’t foresee any such stupidity in our humble abode. My better half owns her little Ruger .357 and is a very good shot. She enjoys visiting the firing range as much as I do. As much as one of us may momentarily piss off the other, we never, ever threaten one another in any way. We either compromise or agree to disagree.

  5. I’m immune since I ain’t gettin’ any anyways.

    Eventually they’ll need a spider killed, oil changed, or a well-funded 401k – then we got them. 😉

  6. In Lysistrata, the women pull a sex boycott to force the men to end the Pelopenesian war. What makes the play funny is a gag where the male characters start carrying phalluses to demonstrate the effect of the sex boycott; and the phalluses keep getting bigger and bigger as the play goes on.

    As the play comes to a climax (Baroomp CHING!) the men are just about to throw in the towel and submit to the women’s demands when a group of Turks show up and show the Greeks a thing or two about getting around a female sex boycott ..IF ya know what I mean

  7. I’ll make sure not to vote for Kellyanne Conway when she runs for office.

    I musta missed the thread where you didn’t sound like a fuckin’ idiot.

  8. You know the thing about the NeverTrump idiots is even if he gets into office and does everything he says he’s going to do, they’ll continue to hate him. Shrewd.

  9. I’m pretty sure I posted the story on how it was bullshit last night. Trump wasn’t interested in amnesty of any kind, and they all know it.
    So either get a blog of your own and post your little stories there, or make your comments where they are appropriate and stop trying to derail someone’s thread with bullshit. Mmkay thanks.

  10. The Second Amendment is more important than any pussy, anywhere, anytime. You can always get more sex, but you’ll never get your gun rights back. Every married man in that town should be on the phone to a lawyer right now. And the single guys should be dumping girl friends like hot rocks. I would have been packed up and gone 5 min. After my wife told me that shit.

  11. What they should be doing is touching up their roots.
    Blonde is a commitment. If you can’t commit to being blonde, you can’t commit to a protest. lol

  12. Really, 90 year old Cloris Leachman withholding sex is enough to get a man to give up his gun?!!!! Liberals really are twisted.

  13. Dumbass movie, all the guys have to do is stop paying for everything. If they want to get laid, dial-a-pussy is just a phone call away, and I understand they deliver. Any man who would put up with that kind of crap, at anytime in history, is a fool.

  14. Major stupidity.
    Over 25% of gun owners are women and it’s climbing. The increase in women buying and/or owning guns started in 2008 and exploded in 2012. Imagine that.

  15. Gotta’ go. My NRA ‘ Shooting Illustrated’ for September just arrived.Don’t forget to enter the NRA Banned Guns Raffle by 10/22.

  16. I think the divorce attorneys would be seeing a lot of business.

    The thing about writing scripts is you can always make it turn out the way you want it to, reality or not. Of course you can’t make the box office perform that way.

  17. Any woman who truly loves sex with her man isn’t going to give it up that easily.
    Any woman who is willing to play this game is already sexually frustrated.
    If their husbands divorce them for a better woman it’s their own damn fault.

  18. “Really, 90 year old Cloris Leachman withholding sex is enough to get a man to give up his gun?!!!! Liberals really are twisted.”

    Whew, don’t think my ‘gun’ is gonna work on a 90 yr old.

  19. Uh oh. American guys going from sex 4 times a year to their 200 pounder (while thinking about the neighbor’s coed daughter sunbathing) to sex zero times a year to the 200 pound grouch. How will they ever survive?

  20. “Aaah! Aaah! A cockroach! Kill it! Kill it!”
    “What was that, honey?”
    “OK, dear, but it’ll cost you a blow job.”
    “Aaargh! OK OK OK! I’ll do you. BUT KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT NOW!!!

  21. The sheriff of a nearby county is planning on making his county safer by auctioning off all the weapons his department confiscated over the past few years.
    Hope I have some money by then. They showed some fine armament on the tv.

  22. Um.

    What about those of us not getting any anyway? Not even a wiff of concern about it. Besides, real women aren’t afraid of guns and they just eliminated themselves from the gene pool.

    Typical liberal-think. With all the depth of thought a 5 y.o. brings to the party.

    Where is this town that has all hotties and Cloris Leachman?
    One more typical liberal shtick unrelated to reality.

  23. @ Uncle Al

    Dammit! You’re giving away my barter secrets for pest control!

    Lc9 is tiny. Especially for a 9. Damn

    My sister got one but went back to her Bersa 380 because her skin was too thin to handle the slide on the LC9 and was bleeding on the first trip to the range. Just from racking it about 5 or 6 times.

    I bought it off of her before she passed because she wasn’t going to use it and she started hocking it and getting it back. Which is a losing situation.

    I find it comically small and not sure I want to carry it at all. My palm is cupped so much I only have contact on the front and back of the grip. I’d rather have a few more rounds, too.

    Looking at all 3 versions now, I wish she had gotten the Pro. I like those features better. But here I am, another owner of an LC9.

  24. Every time I bought a pistol, I bought my wife one too.
    She’s well armed, trained and knows how to use them.
    When PMS strikes she’s fast and brutally accurate with the Mozambique technique.
    Other days she’s just fast and accurate to center body mass.

  25. Ah Brad. Every time you say Glocks “go off” you’re admitting you can’t keep your booger finger off the bang switch when it isn’t time to fire it.

    The only way a Glock can be fired is pulling the trigger. You could drop it from space with one in the chamber and it wouldn’t fire when it landed.

    Can ya give it a rest?

  26. “You know the thing about the NeverTrump idiots is even if he gets into office and does everything he says he’s going to do, they’ll continue to hate him. Shrewd. ”

    That is right enough to chisel in stone for future checking.

  27. I carry a Sig226 and it’s got a decocker so if they want to play that game, I’ll do it myself. Bitches.

  28. Because they can’t keep their damn fingers off the triggers.

    Manual of arms. If you’re not used to a new gun, you make mistakes.

    1911 Trivia – more people have died because the exterior safeties on a 1911 than the lack of them on Glocks.

  29. A good story about shooting blanks. We have some friends that are part of the massive new to gun owner crowd, but have it figured out with out getting any training. So he tells me the other day that they’ve decided to keep their little Shield loaded with two blanks and then the rest normal rounds. That way if someone breaks in or if he is carrying it the sound of the blank will scare the bad guys away. So I tell him how long you been doing that for because I don’t think those blanks will cycle the gun. He went to the range the next day, and they don’t. Wada putz

  30. 1911s:
    1. Trying to shoot a bad guy when the safety is still on and losing their life because of it. Can’t say that hasn’t happened a lot.

    2. Trusting the safety and pulling the trigger, finding out it wasn’t on. Can’t say that hasn’t happened a lot.

    3. Dropping the 1911 and it going off. Safeties have failed on 1911s. Sometimes 1911s need repair and don’t get it. Can’t say that can’t happen.

    In over 100 years of its existence – these things have happened. Your point about Glocks is purely about not handling a gun properly. Operator error. Not Glock error.

    Considering more Glocks are used by professionals than 1911s you kind of sound insecure the way you constantly harp on them.

    “Glocks go off” Something a non-Glock user says to feel better about not being able to handle them safely.

  31. I love them all, Brad. I don’t hate any of them. But your one note song is weak.

    Just asking you to give it a rest since you’ve never carried one in the first place.

  32. Dad, I’ll take the 1911 EVERYTIME. Most double action guns have a big trigger pull first round. I know my first round with a 1911 is going in the 10 ring. If you can’t figure out that thumb safety in a panic your not spending enough time at the range.

  33. My Glock 19 has never misfired but it has jammed several times.
    We have discussed the reasons on this blog that were legitimate concerns.
    The Glock safety release discussions could fill the Library Of Congress so I won’t even go there.
    Personally, I prefer a separate safety release.
    I am still looking to purchase a good carry-able revolver.

  34. Brad, did you hear about the elderly woman that was killed in Florida during a police training session?
    A week or two ago.
    Some cop used live rounds and pumped two into the chest of a volunteer.
    So sad.
    She wanted to support local law enforcement because of all the BLM bullshit.

  35. Gun snobs. The best gun is the one you have with you. I have both Glocks, and 1911s, and Rugers, and Bersas. I carry them all according to what I’m doing at the time, the time of year (heat) or where I’m going, and I’ve never had one fail to fire, no Ads, no NDs, no stovepipes. All it takes to be proficient, is practice, and I put in a lot of that. But then, I am retired.

  36. JMV, just having fun with the Glock crowd. Don’t tell anybody, but I’m thinking about picking up a 17. And the legit problem with a 1911 as a defensive carry weapon is mag capacity.

  37. Colt .45 or glock etc all good if it feels right to you. Me as long as its wide cross section its good. If I shoot someone I want a large tunnel in them as the result….period

  38. @JMV:

    The best gun is the one you have with you.


    That’s why I have the Ruger LC9s Pro in a De Santis pocket holster. I never leave home without it; it goes everywhere. Yeah, the regular mag is 6, but I carry 6+1 with a full 9-rounder on my left side. So: 16 rounds (with one mag change). Oh, yeah, and it handles +P just fine. What I find surprising is that although I have medium/large hands, this pistol fits me just fine and even the +P doesn’t give me any grief at all, not even much flip. I like this Ruger a lot. Except the sights but I’m getting those swapped out for tritium this week.

  39. “The best gun is the one you have with you.”

    Several of Chris Kyles victims would beg to differ. That makes no sense.

  40. Brad. My 1911s are Para-Ordinance, a P-12 and a P-14, Glock 30 (10 rnd) and Bersa Thunder Plus (380 15 rnd). I actually like Glocks, but prefer 1911s, because they are what I learned on.

    Kyle’s vics don’t count, they were rag heads. And nothing is going to help you against a trained sniper, especially if all you have is a handgun. An old NCO once told me that a handgun is what you use to fight your way to a rifle.

  41. Let’s put it another way. Stuff your compact into your pants pocket and I’ll wear my 226 on my Blade Tech. Let go to the range. I hope you understand my point. I’m really not trying to be a dick. But tactical shooting is something I’ve become immersed in for the last couple years. And a mini pistol in your pants only goes so far.

  42. I carry because like Garbo, just want to be left alone for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    My ex-wife was a Mother Jones reading screaming liberal, loved sex and owned a gun store, go figure.

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