Is that Sperm On Obama’s Temple?

Corky sent me something to look at. As a lot of tipsters know I am very skeptical of everything that is sent in. I have to be, it’s the correct default position as an editor and for someone that is accused of peddling in “fake news” on a daily basis.

Sperm on Obama’s head in a portrait hanging in the National Portrait gallery??? NO. That’s ridiculous. Let me take a loo….

Yep. That’s sperm.

What I thought was a vein on Obama’s temple, upon further examination, is not a vein. Close.

Art is sometimes very symbolic. Sperm on his temple makes sense because sperm IS Obama’s temple.

What sealed the deal for me is that the artist seems to put a lot of sperm depictions in his art.

So we have an historic first for the national portrait gallery, unless, of course, you count Nelson Shanks sneaking a reference to Monica’s blue dress into his portrait of Bill Clinton.

Shank’s said the shadow being cast on the mantel is Monica’s blue dress, making it the first reference to sperm in a presidential National Portrait.

Can I resubmit my submission for Obama’s national portrait?


You can see and read more for yourself at Milo’s site.

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  1. I was thinking that the background foliage is probably a symbol or message for something, but I don’t know what and haven’t seen anyone else speculating about it. You know how obama loves to send messages to the people he hates (us).

  2. Pamela Geller tweeted out a picture of every Presidential portrait. When you see them all together, the one of Obama looks cartoonish and absurd. Just like Barack.

    The fact that he chose a guy who secretly places semen like he’s freaking the Hirschfeld of spooge doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  3. I did see a comment that the background appears to be photoshopped, that there is a lot of repetition in the leaf patterns. Also that there appears to be only one leaf type but three flower types. But I suppose art is what the artist makes it, or something.

  4. Yes, it is sperm. This “artist” has a history of using it in his paintings. He says it symbolizes the virility of the conquering black man. This is who Obama chose to paint his portrait. His hatred for America is becoming even more pronounced.

  5. There was TV show based on a trilogy of books called The Strain. Basically a vampire tale – the vampires are parasites and they spread by infecting normal people via a sperm looking worm they can throw up or ooze when they are killed. Obama is proudly king of the parasites so this may be a pretty good depiction. Don’t get too close, you’ll turn into one of them.

  6. I remember reading something that Perez Hilton (is he still alive?) used to do that to pictures in website. Maybe the “artist” teamed up with him.

  7. Whatever it is, the painting and the “artist” who did it are a national disgrace and someone should have the courage to say so out loud and not let it become part of our national story, our heritage. What next, depictions of man/boy love on the walls of our public galleries? That obama should purposely choose an artist who is unabashedly and violently racist is a national disgrace and it matters not what is his skin color. This so-called portrait is obama’s final “I hate you, America! I hate you, whitey!” It is outrageous that a president so twisted by hatred and racism, holding the roots and branches of western culture in such utter contempt, is allowed to defile both the people, individually, and the greatness of this country.

    It’s not “edgy”, it’s not “trendy”, it’s not even funny. There is no place for this trashy depiction among the solemn, serious ranks of our great history.

    ~AA (using Geoff C.’s computer)

  8. These “official presidential portraits” bother me to my core. It’s non-sensical, weird, bizarre….fuck, I have no words.
    It’s almost like a member of congress told me that Guam might tip over with more marines deployed there.
    Willy’s common sense Willy is confused….

  9. riverlife_callie, I read elsewhere that he also has an African dad who ran out on him and mom. He tracked dad down to some college in Nigeria, and dad was not happy to see him, because he’d re entry remarried and hadn’t told his new wife about his old wife and kid.

  10. “He says it symbolizes the virility of the conquering black man.”

    It actually symbolizes the total contribution of the black man to his family.


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