Is the Flynn guilty plea going to be thrown out?

American Thinker: It is always a bad idea to defy an order from a federal judge – especially when the judge whose order has been blown off has a history of vigilance against law enforcement and prosecutorial abuse and has thrown out convictions that resulted from abuse.  Yet the nation’s premier, most powerful law enforcement agency has just done so.

The Mueller Special Counsel Office’s case against General Michael Flynn took a bizarre turn Friday when the FBI failed to provide Judge Emmet G. Sullivan with the original form 302 account of its interview with Flynn in the early days of the Trump administration.  General Flynn’s guilty plea was based on yielding to the FBI’s contention that he lied to them about his (perfectly legal) conversation with Russia’s Ambassador Kislyak, concealing their discussion of sanctions.  At the point of his guilty plea, General Flynn had been bankrupted by legal fees, and his son was threatened with criminal prosecution.  read more

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  1. I believe the judge also has the power to sanction the prosecution. So I would throw out the guilty plea, and bar the prosecution from introducing any evidence pertaining to Strok’s questioning of Flynn – including any evidence from other agents present at any such interview.

    Since Flynn was charged with lying about something that was not a crime in the first place, the case falls apart. Justice would be served.

  2. Mueller wants this case thrown out. That way they can cover up all the misdeeds his treasonous crew committed for the past three years. If this case moves forward many high level swamp creatures will be exposed.

  3. If it gets thrown out, could Flynn then turn around and SUE THE HELL out of Mueller and crew? Wouldn’t that be sweet justice!

  4. Mueller needs to be made an example of to teach fellow KGB wannabees that the method of witness intimidation and coercion is not going to be tolerated. I hope whatever pending lawsuit goes through against him and he is bankrupted, followed by stint in a nice Federal Pen.

  5. Does anyone doubt the power now in the hands of the DOJ and the FBI? They will now come up with the dog ate my home work excuse. They’ve been out of control for too long and no one will challenge them out of political fear. Wake me up when the civil war starts, we may have a chance to take it back.

  6. Fake News Take:

    “Today, a federal judge threw out General Flynn’s guilty plea, a move which some say only makes it more obvious that the walls are closing in on Trump.”

    You got it here first, NPC’s.

  7. Has Judge Sullivan ever been considered for the Supreme Court? Seems to me like he has a good attitude and is willing to piss off the right people.

  8. @Jethro; Meuller wants this to go away as quietly and quickly as possible so he wants the Judge to approve the sentencing recommendation quickly and end this tarbaby he’s stuck to.

    If the judge does the fair thing he will throw the conviction out, censure the prosecution and call for a judicial review/inquiry about how this case came about and the actions of the behavior/actions of the prosecution/FBI/DOJ throughout. He should also make sure of the unbiased nature of those running the review, ensure full public disclosure of the results and set a fixed period of time for the investigation and presentation of the findings.

  9. I hope Judge Sullivan isn’t getting any late night phone calls, with disguised voices giving him detailed instructions, or else.

  10. Abolish the Judiciary: Why Judges Are As Irrelevant As The Senate

    -Vox “hot take” headline 5 minutes after ruling


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