“Is the Mandalay Bay security guard a licensed guard?”

Sites are reporting that the security guard, Jesus Campos, who was shot in the leg when he went to check out a door alarm (and then heard drilling coming from Paddock’s room) is NOT A REGISTERED SECURITY GUARD!

As proof they publish a list of names registered at the Private Investigators Licensing Board (PILB).

Right in the list is a Larry Jesus Campos.

I’m not saying this is the Mandalay Bay security guard, but couldn’t it be? I know lots of people who use their middle names rather than their first name. How can a site run a story emphatically saying the security guard wasn’t registered?

Also, what would it mean if he wasn’t registered? Is the implication that Mandalay Bay is hiring illegals? Is it the implication that they might have a lawsuit on their hands for staffing security that isn’t actual security? Is the implication that Campos was in on the massacre?

I’m not sure, because these stories are reported but they don’t spell out where they are going with it, leaving it up to the reader to fill in the subtext, and often that leads to the most conspiratorial and sinister spin possible.

We should definitely all stay on top of this event, disseminate information, discern its value, and demand what the government knows when they know it, particularly when this event is being used by politicians to leverage their holy grail – the successful assault of the second amendment. But we have to be responsible, as well.

A simple question mark keeps a story from having to be retracted in shame later on.

“Is the Mandalay Bay security guard a licensed guard?”




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  1. I saw this story on facebook with a fake CNN world news dot com address. His name was spelled “Compos”. And yeah, if must know, all casinos have hired illegals. If the casino has unions, they have illegals. *cough* seiu*cough*

  2. The guy is going to be on Hannity tonight. I guess we’ll find out then.
    This whole massacre thing is getting really weird. There are cameras EVERYWHERE in Vegas casinos. Why would they need the public to help them figure all of this out?

  3. By seeding confusion, making patently false statements, allowing anyone/everyone to commandeer the narrative, the FBI is fomenting fear and distrust in the public.

    Isn’t this how terrorism works?

  4. An account I saw said it was only his second day on the job. So I could see his forms laying on a government employee’s desk waiting to add him to the registry. Government databases aren’t known for being correct.

  5. There is some serious bullshit going on. The LVPD, the FBI, and the Mandalay Bay brass seem to be trying to concoct competing false narratives to cover eachother’s respective fat asses. None of it is panning out. No one does nor should believe anything being said now.

  6. I’m not why any of this would matter. He was shot at least 6 minutes before the rampage started. He notified the hotel that he was taking automatic fire and told them exactly what floor and what room. The called 911 and reported the same. There was also a maintenance worker just arriving there the witnessed the same thing. He also reported it. Interestingly enough the two reported the gun fire coming from opposite directions. They were both there investigating a non operating emergency exit door. Makes one wonder who reported that. So LVPD Swat shows up at a minimum of 18 minutes later and can’t find the right floor.
    So with the time line changing, why did the shooter stop shooting? The breach on the entry shows no sign of explosives. Really there’s about 60 minutes that are unaccounted for.
    If the current time frame would have been reported from the beginning everyone would be asking different question right now. FBI psych ops.

  7. Funny how the DHS is reported to be “out in force” at Mandalay Bay last Friday, then suddenly the Campos timeline/narrative is in flux. Then, out of nowhere, Steven Schuck pops up, lol and behold, his story matches the new timeline.

    The service elevator thing beats watching, too. There is video or a witness of something hinky in that elevator, otherwise why even bring it up? They know it will come out, so they’re creating the elevator explanation. The new timeline might be related to that.

  8. Jose Campos is like William Smith – a very common name. What diff does it make if Campos was “registered” or not? He discovered the scene, took a bullet, and started the process of bringing it to an end. He deserves credit for being in the right place at the right time.

    There are a lot of screw ups to go around in this whole circumstance, and all the facts have not yet been discovered and revealed. You can bet that the really deep pockets in MGM are doing everything they can to throw dust in the eyes of the curious and distract the investigators, when they are not bullying them. The Sheriff must be under a huge strain over this from the political side, on top of the investigative complexities and the jurisdictional issues.

  9. @Anonymous
    >>By seeding confusion, making patently false statements, allowing anyone/everyone to commandeer the narrative, the FBI is fomenting fear and distrust in the public.<<

    That's the FBI's standard operating procedure. Take control, go through the motions, obfuscate, deceive and obstruct.
    After the last 8 years, I place as much trust in the FBI as I do the ATF, their narrative, investigations or recommendations. Yes, with their partisan, above-the-law, strong arm tactics, I fear them as well.

  10. And to cloud the picture more, 2 unsubstantiated stories. George Soros had 42 million dollars in puts (short position) on MGM stock. Coincidence? Rumors that Campos is a second shooter, and the person that shot Paddock. This is one of those stories that even if we learn the truth we won’t believe it.

  11. cato, you trusted the FBI before Obama? Heck I don’t know if I ever trusted the FBI, but sure didn’t trust them after Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    As for this guy, heck I don’t know and don’t really care if he’s licensed.

    I’d like to know how long was this guy firing if he fired 200 rounds through the door, down the hallway, into other rooms, whichever version you believe. I’d also like to see pictures of this hallway, that’s a lot of bullets that went somewhere.

  12. There is just no way a Vegas “Whale” Casino is going to react the way they did. Did they Evacuate the Whales (multi millionaires ) immediately or notify them and their Assistants of a gunman ? If not they just lost hundreds of millions in repeat business !!!
    They must have had one Hell of a Tax Problem !!!

  13. Joe6pak is right. Check out the post at The Vulgar Curmudgeon regarding a supposed report from CNN regarding security guard Campos being arrested as the 2nd shooter in Vegas. No further info or substantiation anywhere else. WTF??? :^0

  14. BB,
    That’s how I feel.

    I want to know the truth, whatever that truth may be.
    Right now I have to go with the simplest explanation until
    evidence beyond all reasonable doubt is introduced.

    That explanation is that this asshole brought a bunch of his guns and ammo into a room for the sole purpose of shooting up a concert full of people from his hotel room.

    After firing for 10 minutes he killed himself.

    I am VERY open to alternative explanations as to what happened, but the evidence has to make sense.

    No burn marks on rug??? Not compelling considering I haven’t seen a picture of the rug near the hole in the window.

    It’s also not compelling because WE KNOW *SOMEONE* WAS FIRING A GUN IN THAT ROOM. Lack of burn marks on the rug from hot shell casings means we are not privy to pictures of those burn marks if those casings were capable of making the burn marks.

    To me, evidence like that is akin to saying Kennedy isn’t dead because his skull didn’t explode as expected.

    Loomer’s evidence of the FBI releasing the wrong license plate number is real evidence.
    What it means, I don’t know.

  15. Jimbo

    Interesting. I read several “main stream” places yesterday that after his first interview Campos was told it was OK to leave town, but the FBI hauled him back in yesterday for another interview.

  16. BFH

    It doesn’t help with every whack job around posting their whacked theories. I watched a video yesterday where some guy was trying to convince everyone that the Illumantis were behind this. Why? Because the Luxor was in plain view.

  17. I worked hotel security overnights on weekends. Wasn’t “registered”. I guess things are different in Vegas. Of course his registration is THE most important thing ever about all this.

  18. Not sure what the laws in Nevada are for security, but in Florida, a business can hire pretty much anybody for security. Most do hire “state-certified” security for liability reasons. If you go work for a security company that contracts with various businesses, those people have to be certified. And it’s a one week (40 hour) class. (An extra 2 or 3 days to be armed security.)But there is also a difference between a security certification and a private investigator certification.

  19. One old white guy with no wife, no kids, no credible source of income, multiple homes, two airplanes, rolling in money, huge gambler, lots of guns, no digital profile, no political profile, claimed by ISIS, a brother who lied through his teeth immediately on national tv, and victims who were blatant Trump supporters. Immediately smells like running guns & drugs, money laundering for a major power player. What alphabet agency might be connected to drugs, guns, money & ISIS? Also consider Trump has been at war with the IC since before he took office, now has serious dirt on all of them, and is mucking up the whole Syria-ISIS-CIA operation. What is a poor alphabet agency to do when the JFK option is too obvious? How about a “message” to Trump. Paddock was given an offer he couldn’t refuse, hence the “oh god” screaming at night. Knew that he was the “suicide” patsy but hoping to somehow back out & escape. So the hallway cameras, jammed stairwell doors, extra guns, body armor, etc. were to make an escape from his “suicide” helpers, who finished him and the job. Explains a hell of a lot including the phone chargers, the marksmanship, the “he couldn’t have done it alone,” the blatant coverup going on, etc. etc.

  20. “…I watched a video yesterday where some guy was trying to convince everyone that the Illumantis were behind this. Why? Because the Luxor was in plain view. ”

    Any chance those wildfires will torch Bohemian Grove? I watched a video yesterday where a guy was all wigged out because one of the campsites at BG is named “Mandalay”.

  21. BFH, I think that’s the problem we have no evidence other than 58 people are dead and hundreds are injured, not even 100% sure what the number injured are because it’s changed at least once.

    We have been told it was one shooter, but we haven’t been provided with evidence backing that up other than there was one dead guy in the room.

    We’ve been told information that they have backtracked on.

    Hopefully we will be provided the evidence at some point, but I doubt it. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever know why or even exactly how and with what weapons.

    One fact though is that Republicans and Democrats alike are not letting a tragedy go to waste and are writing up gun control bills.

  22. The important thing about his big inventory of guns is he had one of every flavor. That way when they push for eliminating Bolt Action Center Fire Rifles they can all point to this episode and say “They’re assault style sniper rifles, ban them”

  23. TO Bad Brad
    regarding the gunfire “coming from two directions”
    If you’re talking about a report from the two guys in the hallway, it could be that, from that spot in the hallway, a shot fired from one of the “shot out” windows was heard and then from the other “shot out” window in the other suite, as there’s quite a distance between the two.

  24. Not sure if addressed above but if not: I have over 20 years experience with the Las Vegas security industry, both casino and private from lowley security officer (we were called guards whe I started but officer sounded more professional to those who cared) up to a corporate trainer for an agency. Like many things in Vagas there are 2 sets of rules, private and casino. To work for a private company requires state registration. The Casiget Industry gets a pass. He worked for MB and other than a Sheriff’s gaming card had no other obligation to register. As to the rest? Time will tell.

  25. Apollo

    That’s one of the possibilities popular with the military/gun community. M60 is most popular. If we were getting the truth it would be easy to tell, 7.62 by 39, 556, or 308.

  26. Hey Brad, I want to thank you for being such a willing participant in so many discussions here, you’ve added a lot. A lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise know. Plus the entertainment value in a lot of them is worthwhile as well. Keep it up.

  27. Bad Brad, according to that diagram,one of the windows was in the adjoining room. The diagram below that one says the suite is 1705 sq. ft, if that’s a lot of real estate to cover while running back and forth shooting out the windows.
    I wonder if that door between the suite and adjoining room is the door they said also had to be breached? If it was locked from the other side, then how the heck did he shoot from both windows?

    Again more questions without answers.

    Heck, you don’t have to give us every detail, but it would be nice if one person asked if the damn door was locked on the other side. That has honestly been bugging me since I first heard there was a second door inside they had to breach. Hell, maybe SWAT just enjoys blowing doors off the hinges.

  28. Brad and others – The report that the security guard was arrested was “fake news”. I just chased down a link (I use IXQUICK, never GOOGLE) that indicated this, plus the fact the the supposed WEB site “cnn-internationaledition.com” was only established 2 days ago and is not part of the Criminal News Network, although it wouldn’t have surprised me if it did.

  29. “I’d like to know how long was this guy firing if he fired 200 rounds through the door, down the hallway, into other rooms, whichever version you believe. I’d also like to see pictures of this hallway, that’s a lot of bullets that went somewhere.”

    You can dump a 30 round mag pretty quick, but does it seem likely he’d switch mags 7 times or was he using extended mags, drums, or maybe a belt-fed weapon? How much was left of the door? That many bullets would have made swiss cheese out of it with holes big enough to put your fist through, and the entire hallway would be tatters, plus the cart with his camera would have been shredded.

  30. Just heard on the news that MGM is changing the timeline again. Is saying now that Campos was shot at the same time or within 40 seconds of him firing on crowd.
    Don’t think it’s possible for one shooter to be firing through the door into the hallway at the same time as firing out the window, but what do I know.

  31. “The 9:59 p.m. PDT time was derived from a Mandalay Bay report manually created after the fact without the benefit of information we now have,” the statement continued. “We are now confident that the time stated in this report is not accurate. We know that shots were being fired at the festival lot at the same time as, or within 40 seconds after, the time Jesus Campos first reported that shots were fired over the radio.”

    Shortly after Campos was shot, Lombardo said, the guard radioed the Mandalay Bay security department, which later contacted police. The guard was not armed.

    According to the new MGM statement, “Metro officers were together with armed Mandalay Bay security officers in the building when Campos first reported that shots were fired over the radio. These Metro officers and armed Mandalay Bay security officers immediately responded to the 32nd floor. We will continue to work with law enforcement as we have from the first moments of this tragedy as they work toward developing an accurate timeline.”


  32. In other words, we will continue massaging the story until you suckers are so confused with contradicting stories you won’t know what questions to ask next.

  33. joe6pak, I think it’s more like I read on FB: I don’t know what happened and am bored trying to figure it out, so I’m just moving on.

    That’s the way the world is today, very short attention spans, the shooting was so yesterday. That attitude imho is why it’s so easy for politicians to screw Americans and then be able to tell people what they want to hear on the campaign trail. People are too bored to remember what they did the previous 2 or 6 years.

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