Is The Mexican Government Anticipating Reverse Migration After Trump’s Election?

Vdare: My family and I just returned from our summer visit to Mexico. We saw relatives and friends, ate some food we don’t eat here, and got the car worked on for less than it would cost in the United States (cheap labor!) While there we also watched the results of the Brexit vote. The Mexican pundits mostly opposed the UK leaving the EU. Hmmm. But I also noticed something which could signal the Mexican government is preparing for deportations and the return of its citizens after the election of President Trump.[Mexican government prepares for ‘Trump Emergency’, Fox News Latino, May 05, 2016]

There is an immigration station at the border where I have to obtain permits both for my car and to visit the country. I’ve been to that particular immigration station many times, but this time it had been partially remodeled. It included a section called Repatriaciones [Repatriations]. It didn’t look like it was in use yet, but the sign indicated that various benefits were available for Mexicans returning to Mexico.


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  1. There will be a million beaners, 100 years from now, bitching about how they were slaves to the honkey.

    And they couldn’t even get the fucking watermelons without shitting on them.

  2. Hose A: I gotta piss an’ sheet!”

    Hose B: Piss an’ sheet on da wahrmellon! Jajajajajajaj! Honkies!”

  3. Shit, you mean I might have to pay my neighbor’s kid instead of the Mexican to mow my lawn….Don’t know how the world will continue.

  4. Wizzum, as long as you pay the Mexican rather than the neighbors kid, the Mexicans will stay.
    The dog that you feed is the one that is always at your door.

  5. Here’s the big burning question that is rarely asked:
    Why doesn’t Mexico close the border? Why do they allow, even promote, mass illegal emigration across their northern border? They should guard their own damned border.

  6. If you think about it, there are great jobs available in all the Spanish speaking countries south of the border for bi-linguals – especially those we’ve educated, vaccinated and taught how to live with indoor plumbing.

    If you have Comcast chances are you’re speaking to someone in Guadalajara when you call to discuss your bill or service. No doubt lots of companies have back office operations in Mexico but, because we taught them, they speak just like we do.

    Illegals have lots of opportunities at home, the democrats don’t want you to know that.

  7. Oooh, looky, Gladys! Shiny new “reverse”-isms! ‘Cause the writers wore out the old words, using them so hard. Now, we’ve got “Reverse Migration,” because no one cares if we just call it “demobilization,” anymore.

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