Is the Pope ignorant of history regarding islam?

From Freedom Outpost—Apostate: Pope Francis Faces Mecca & Prays at Mosque, Calls for Europe to Open Borders to Muslims, and says it’s wrong to equate Islam with violence.

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  1. here is your chuckle for the day. A dear Catholic raised friend of mine, was talking about the Pope. She expressed how she liked him , that he was a man of the people and cares about people.
    Then she added ” He is just like you and me , he puts his LEGS on one PANT at a time” and kept going. Not realizing her malapropism until the other person present and I started laughing. We had a hard time stopping our laughter, picturing an old man panting away while he strapped his wooden legs on.
    So now every time I hear the Pope in the news I think of him
    and his wooden legs

  2. Maybe he ought to revisit the history of the (first) crusades and its purpose.

    The simple fact that he calls for this, screams of his ignorance.

    Does the papacy not claim to be infallible on all matters of faith?

  3. Let’s see – apostate, ignoramus, buffoon, Marxist, crackpot, narcissist, one man wrecking crew

    I could go on for days.

    This is an absolute travesty that only rivals the elevation of his ideological doppelganger to the Presidency of the United States of America. The consequences are just as destructive and dangerous.

  4. The Pope is from the Jesuit order. You have to read up on the Jesuits to understand his thinking. The Jesuits and Rome have been at each other for centuries in regards to Catholic Doctrine. I was surprised he was made the Pope. You want a conservative Pope, look to eastern Europe. Want a Liberal Pope, look to South America. (generally speaking)

  5. Joe,

    The Pope is a Jesuit and that is akin to an American politician being a progressive. Just as there are a lot of progressive Republicans and it is easy to recognize that they are an unmitigated threat to a constitutional republic, there are a lot of Jesuits and they are an unmitigated menace to the faith.

    This Bergoglio jackass is to The Church what the jug eared punk is to our republic. An unmitigated threat.

  6. “They’re just misunderstood.”
    He might as well just have called them “mischevious youths.”

    EXCERPT from

    “If Al Sharpton ever gets tired of demagoguing, Francis could take his act to Ferguson and explain why irrational fear of being attacked by bestial savages or having your business looted and burned down leads to “misunderstanding and discrimination.”

    Note the liberal moral equivalence implied in the phrase “solidarity of all believers.” If not even the Pope can tell the difference between Christianity and a bloodthirsty cult, soon we may all be bowing toward Mecca.”

  7. Constitutionalist,

    If you want a Pope – look to eastern Europe or Africa, if you want an Marxist infiltrator Anti-Pope – look to central or south America.

  8. Affirmative Action Pope works out about as well as Affirmative Action President.

    They invited a serpent into their temple and he is biting every one of them every chance he gets.

    Socialism is the opiate of Latin and South America and Francis is hitting the pipe like the uncle from Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth.

  9. Ummmm… Isn’t it immutable doctrine of “The Church” that The Pope is faultless while acting in the interests of “The Church”? Isn’t whatever his policies are unquestionably what God wants, by miraculous dispensation?

    I think Catholics need to carefully re-examine the history of papal authority vs their actual behavior while in the office of “God’s earthly representative”. Does the Bible (God’s Holy printed Word) really say what Catholicism says it says, or has that organization built an extra-Biblical body of Church-supporting doctrines?

  10. He only speaks ex cathedra when he is speaking on matters he has legitimate authority on. This is just another affirmative action hire jackass who has a pen and a phone .

  11. My question “is the Pope Catholic?” wasn’t as much an honest question as much as it was an attempt at sarcasm/humor, similar but not exactly to “does a bear shit in the woods?”.

  12. We live in an imbecilic time so of course we have imbeciles leading and destroying our institutions that protect us from imbecility.

    Like HIV they are.

  13. Does anyone remember the last book of the Chronicles of Narnia? It’s called The Last Battle and it deals with the ‘God’ of Narnia = Aslan and the ‘god’ of the Calomene = Tash.

    In an apostasy bred in Hell, the ape, Shift, declared Tash and Aslan the same and called him “Tashlan”.

    Well, now ‘they’ are trying to merge Christianity and Islam.


  14. The Catholic Church is shot through and through with Social Justice Marxists, top to bottom.

    As such, EVERYTHING is viewed through that prism. And a “progressive” prism it is.

    This great Institution, one that has sustained the light of Western intellectualism for millennia now, teeters on wielding the intellectual heft and relevance of, well, what the Muslims always have.

    It’s why I can’t go anymore.

  15. Not being a particularly religious person, I have recently been reading about “the end of days.” Many suggest that a pope will be the antichrist. Since all nations have already turned against Israel, this pope would be a good fit. This conspiracy theory is getting interesting!

  16. Come on Pope Francis, don’t equivocate

    You Catholic tools don’t know religion of hate

    Aw But sooner or later they’ll have a caliphate

    They might as well behead the one

    Well, they tore down your statue, told you to pray to Allah

    They built you a mosque and locked you away

    But they never told you the price that you pay,

    Things that they will have done…

    Only the good die young

    That’s what I said

    Only the good die young

    W/ apologies to B.Joel

  17. Just as with progressives, NEVER concede “good intentions” to Jesuits. Conceding “good intentions to Jesuits is unwarranted. We have history to look at and any fair and unbiased study of the history of the Jesuit Order simply does not any longer allow it as an option.

    Malachi Martin laid out the case against the Jesuits decades ago in his book, it is even more relevant today.

  18. The Pope has eyes but seeth not.

    “The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: he shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked.”

    Can’t get much more wicked than islam.

    The Religion of Peace web site is old hat for most of us here but maybe someone could forward the link to Pope Francis.

  19. ” A single opinion cannot overturn the unanimous tradition of the whole Church, which has spread to the ends of the earth”
    St. John of Damascus
    ( Feast Day- December 4th)

  20. I went to a Catholic college (Benedictine) and one day there was a discussion in the Campus Ministry regarding Jesuits. I had only this to say: “If it were up to me, which it is not, I would excommunicate every Goddamned one of them simply for belonging to the Jesuit Order and then would only lift the excommunication on individuals following a thorough and exhaustive vetting.” This is a direct quote.

    That was ~1995 and I believed what I said back then and I believe it today. The Jesuit Order has been infiltrated and taken over by Marxists and it a tool of the devil himself.

    You could have heard a pin drop when I said what I said. I will tell you this, a couple of monks later told me that my opinion is not at all unique.

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