Is there a wholly unexpected benefit from the left’s COVID madness?

American Thinker:

By Andrea Widburg

It’s possible that the Democrats’ decision to use COVID to gain a political advantage in the 2020 election and beyond may have triggered a powerful Black Swan event. Even as they succeeded in destroying the U.S. economy and weaponizing public schools, they may unintentionally have set the U.S. on a new and wonderfully beneficial path: Turning women into stay-at-home mothers who have removed their children from the state’s indoctrination.

I don’t know whether the left, through Fauci, worked with China to create and release COVID. Whatever its origins, COVID gave the left the major epidemic disease it wanted to jumpstart the “Great Reset.” A Great Reset would consist of population control; socialized medicine and its companion, euthanasia; the end of fossil fuels; completely open borders; technocrats using social credit schemes to control people and allocate resources; an ascendant U.N., etc.

A few things stood in the way. Despite decades of leftist assaults on education, America still had a strong middle class and, worse (from the leftist viewpoint), Donald Trump had made it stronger. Everything Trump achieved was antithetical to the Great Reset: Stronger borders, a thriving economy, a dynamic oil and gas sector, American energy independence, military success against ISIS and Iran, pushing back against Chinese control over America’s economy, racial harmony stemming from the rising economic tide lifting all boats, and so much more. more here

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  1. …….And also an increase in the militia of the several states. If we surrender our second amendment rights, we will end up just like Australia.

  2. Let us hope that they have “awakened the sleeping giant.”
    (paraphrase of Yamamoto – so Anonymous won’t think I’m plagiarizing again)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. They didn’t think through having kids online in their homes with their parents being able to see firsthand what they were exposed to. A good friend’s son was 12 when this started and he did all his online class work at his father’s office. He father noticed that his conversational Spanish class didn’t have any Spanish and the lessons were all social justice about poor Juan’s father having to work minimum age for the white man etc. He contacted the teacher and asked why they don’t speak Spanish and she said well they don’t know how so we do it all in English. Needless to say a couple that never would have considered home schooling have been doing just that for the last 16 months with great success. There is always a reaction, the left just never considers that.

  4. “I don’t know whether the left, through Fauci, worked with China to create and release COVID.”

    I believe it was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Globalist Elites, and China. And they handed it to the left and said, here ya go. Trumps costing us way to much money.

  5. No Regrets: by this point there would be so much pushback that would never fly. If they tried it there would be so many criminals the tyrants would not be able to handle them all.

  6. The Left carries the seeds of their own destruction. I’ve been saying this for nearly two decades! Anything the Left can do, they manage a way to overdo. They just can’t stop tinkering with their own “perfect” ideas, can they? They cannot stop fussing with things until they’re broken. Not hard to do when their stuff is all junk to begin with. This last “Build Back Better” spending bill is just another attempt at papering over all their irreparably broken crap. Didn’t work? Throw more money at it!

    Over at Polination there was a tweet from Rep Melisa Malendez with a picture of hundreds of pairs of shoes and notes placed on the steps of a school in her district, representing the large number of students not returning if the health-injuring covid stab is made a requirement for attendance. It makes a strong statement. No sane parent is going to risk the lives of their own children in order to comply with an education system that is already on the rocks.

  7. Oh please, really some of these comments, yah it can be tough around the holidays. But help is out there, I saw it in the X-files.

  8. Anonymous immediately above: You’ll have to up your game considerably to get attention from IOTW-ers. We’ve had world class trolls here. Your niggling little comment is precious. I only remark on it because I was surprised at its banality.

  9. @TSUNAMI November 29, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    > If we surrender our second amendment rights, we will end up just like Australia.

    There are thousands of guns “loose” in Australia. By population there are far more private workshops capable of “re”-arming the populace. By population there are far more public warehouses capable of “re”-arming the populace.

    The government is as foreign as The United States. The populace is as patriotic as Americans. Americans that surrendered to The Rule Of Law(TM) generations ago. That reaffirmed their vows just a few years ago. That continue to turn in their, now, illegal guns. That continue to volunteer to be put on the gun inventory list. That continue to support the attacks on those that do not surrender their Second Amendment “rights”.

  10. @Brad November 29, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    > Yea? Now do ammo.

    How about we do cole slaw? It is equally important in the hands of patriots.

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