Is There an Anti-Gun Slant in the Media?

Stupid question, I know. But this headline takes the cake, and the plate, and the table cloth, and the table…

19 Comments on Is There an Anti-Gun Slant in the Media?

  1. The headline so agreed with the editors’ world view that they never even noticed the error.

    The sooner these rags die the better.

  2. I *still* blame “Climate Change”. (/s)
    I DEMAND 72°, sunny days ALL YEAR LONG!!!
    NO climate change!!!

  3. It’s kind of like the NYT headline generator TPC had some years ago. Push three buttons, and presto, a headline. How did they miss “women and children hardest hit.”

  4. This is really no worse than a 30 caliber ghost clip with the shoulder thing that goes up. And those statements weren’t made by people in the media.

  5. I guess media out lets like this can print what ever they want with no regard for reality and with no penalty. I say bring back the blanket parties.

  6. and he obviously was a tea bagger with a white hood in his trunk and a rebel flag bumper sticker.

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