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Is There An Establishment “Splitter” Strategy?

How does the political class make sure their favorite big government manager candidate, Jeb Bush, gets the nomination?


The Conservative Treehouse speculates that they are running a bunch of regional candidates to soak up votes in large primary states, with the intention of turning those votes over to Jeb at the convention.

I at first thought it was all some silly conspiracy, but the more it was explained more sense it seemed to make.


We are all going to have to rally around one of the five plausible GOP candidates, who is not part of the “splitter” strategy. That means Cruz or Walker.

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  1. True dat!
    I’m glad sundance keeps the links to his earlier articles at the end of each article. It really helps those who are visiting for the first time.

  2. How long have Super PACs been around? Because that’s how long the GOP has used them as a corrupt means to choose their presidential candidate. We’re screwed again in the 2016 election.

  3. Take the republican party away from the rinos. Run for the position of republican precinct committeeman. almost half of the positions are vacant. There was an article about it two days ago either on breitbart or the gateway pundit. I’m checking my precinct, and if it’s vacant, I’m running for it. I already got on my township board.

  4. I love these juicy conspiracies but I can think of a few holes: 1. Perry is a very proud man and would not take a back seat to Jeb! under any realistic theory. The Bush’s and Perry’s have been sharp rivals in Texas politics for decades. 2. How is Rubio splitting Florida vote a benefit to Jeb!? The price is too high, namely giving up his senate seat. Rubio would not easily give up his seat for Jeb! under this theory. 3. Graham only wins South Carolina with support of demonrats in the open primary. SC conservatives dislike Graham. Kasich can probably take Ohio and then give his delegates to Jeb! I don’t see how this adds up. But it is a good conspiracy.

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