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Is There Another Laptop?


‘SECOND Hunter Biden laptop holding evidence of international corruption seized in Ukraine’, Giuliani associate claims.

Andrii Derkach, a politician the US Treasury believes to be a “Russian agent,” claimed on Friday that another device belonging to Hunter was given to Ukrainian police.

The reported second laptop comes after computer repairman John MacIsaac handed over Hunter’s MacBook Pro to the FBI – and gave a copy of the hard drive to Giuliani‘s lawyer.

Derkach posted the bombshell claim on Facebook a month after the Treasury warned that he’s been an “active Russian agent for over a decade.”

The Ukrainian politician claimed the second laptop was used by “two representatives for the interests of [Burisma founder Mykola] Zlochevsky,” reported The Daily Beast.

Hunter was on the board of the energy company Burisma from 2014 – but Joe Biden‘s campaign has denied any wrongdoing regarding his son’s dealings in Ukraine.

“[It] was given to Ukrainian law enforcement,” Derkach claimed, adding that Burisma representatives were “witnesses in criminal proceedings” and “ready to tell.” more

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  1. I thought there was a laptop found in a rental car, along with a crack pipe here in Arizona, which was rented by Hunter last year. Where’s that laptop?

  2. Get it to Director of Intelligence Radcliffe, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon. Don’t trust the FBI, the CIA, or the US Chamber of Commerce. Oh yeah, send it to the New York Daily News, not the New York Times. OK?

  3. If so, would it really make a difference?
    There’s enough on the first hard drive to put people away.
    Let’s roll.

  4. Only this one has pictures of Hunter teaching Sunday school classes in China to little girls and videos of him helping little old ladies cross the street and info about “the Big Guy” arranging world peace.

  5. I was misquoted.
    I said “I’d still polish a knob, even if it had a smidgen of my own feces on it.”

    Somehow that got misconstrued.
    Reggie knows what I’m talkin bout!

  6. How about putting pressure on hunter til he gives up daddy?
    According to that one email, hunter doesn’t think daddy thinks much about him. Maybe work on that angle. Is it mean? Yup. But the truth is even meaner.

  7. Humper is going to fold like a cheap card table if he ever has to testify. Humper and Dementia Joe are going to love the US Constitution’s right of protection from self incrimination before this is over. Then there’s the problem with paying all those separate shysters to avoid conflicts of interest. What did Doctor Jill know, and when did she know it? This is going to be like throwing lapsed Christians to hungry lions.

  8. Probably a few phones floating around, too.
    And then there’s the State Department files … assuming they haven’t been sanitized.

    Law Enforcement will protect Hunter AND his daddy – too many of em have their hands in the bag (see Sec State Clinton’s secret e-mail server, for instance).

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Here’s my take on the Humper/Biden laptop situation.

    Humper left the laptop at the shop on purpose, knowing that Daddy dearest would be put into a tough spot. I think Humnper got tired of doing the dirty work and turning over 50% to Daddy Dearest. I think that stuck in Humper’s craw. Maybe Humper is tired of dealing with Daddy Dearest, his exwife, his stripper girlfriend and love child, drugs, and no career. No doubt that Humper was careless, but careless with a reason, and that’s to get even with Daddy Dearest….right before election time. Actually a year before, Humper is not that dumb. Maybe Humper got tired of being his dad’s patsy. Plenty of reasons to do Daddy Dearest in.

  10. Of course there is more than one laptop.

    Even today, you can’t find an off the rack laptop capable of storing 10TB of porn.

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