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Is this an endorsement?


Diplomats from Europe, Middle East, Latin America AND Asia ‘join forces to complain to US officials about Donald Trump’

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel branded him a threat to peace and prosperity in an interview published on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the Mexican government would not confirm any private complaints but noted that its top diplomat, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, said last week that Trump’s policies and comments were ‘ignorant and racist’ and that his plan to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration was ‘absurd’.

‘European diplomats are constantly asking about Trump’s rise with disbelief and, now, growing panic,’ said a senior NATO official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

‘All foreign diplomats I’ve talked to are amazed at the Trump phenomenon and worried about it, especially in the Middle East and Europe,’ said Elliott Abrams, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank

  • US officials claim foreign diplomats have made rare show of unity
  • Allies usually avoid meddling in US domestic politics even privately
  • But ‘many have expressed concern at Donald Trump‘s xenophobia’
  • Donald Trump is on track to win the Republican nomination 

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  1. I believe that being despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable.

    — From Kurt Hoffman over at Armed and Safe.

    Yes, indeed, I’d call that maybe even better than an endorsement!

  2. Oh my goodness! If the EuroTrash and other assorted Rat-People don’t like him, I guess there’s NO WAY he could be President!

  3. It’s not Trumps Xenophobia they are concerned with. It’s U.S. foreign aid and the Trade Deals we currently have in place.

  4. I don’t think Mr. Trump is ‘xenophobic’ – I think he puts America first – unlike the traitors in the White Hut and Congress.

  5. Yes it is. I am not a Trump fan, but i could care less about the opinions of “leaders” of other countries.

  6. The eurotyrants and international ecothieves that have been raiding American paychecks and bank accounts in order to propagate their lies, keep their dying countries afloat, and enrich themselves are shell shocked at the possible disruption of their schemes.

    The “global economy” can and will continue to function even with America putting HER citizens first.

    The real terror in their minds is the undeniable truth that the world is watching America, and Trump leading the way, as they set the momentum for citizens around the world to revolt against the criminals that have stolen their culture and their country. They fear a domino effect. Merkel should be choked with an all pork frankfrutter and hung from a lamp post.

    Le Pen, Wilders, PEGIDA, they all see the time is now to take back their nations and culture. We may be living in the most significantly historic times in decades.

  7. There are international rules for the country club known as government, and the brie and chardonnay crowd that belong to the club don’t like a non-member to rock their cozy little love boat.
    I’m not a Trump supporter and I suspect they feel the same way about Cruz–because he’s the guy they’ve let into the tent in the hopes he won’t piss on them–but he’s shown he’s willing to piss on those inside the local one in DC.

    “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”
    ―Lyndon B. Johnson




  9. Not a Trump fan, however, the opinions of those foreigners makes it way, way more likely that I vote FOR trump rather than against him. Fuck those asshats and their opinions!

  10. They get their panties all in a wad over Trump but hardly a peep when a Chinese General, Zhu Chenghu, threatened America with nuclear weapons if we came to the aid of Taiwan. Of course this was only after Bill Clinton had given them the modern guidance systems for their missiles via the Hughes Corp. Prior to that the chinks couldn’t hit the Pacific Ocean with a baseball bat and a map.

    So very many politicians need to be hung, I should invest in rope companies.

  11. Burn Baby Burn should be Trump’s new mantra. It is fantastic that all the low life countries that have been sucking of the good old USA are new in desperate straits. Where will they ever find the money to pay for their own defense and other high cost welfare items they have grown to love and depend on!

  12. Without any help from us this is the following countries recent voting records:

    Mexico: Calderon, Fox and Nieto. Sops of the drug cartels and guilty of forcing millions of their fellow citizens to invade the US
    and for allowing thousands of foreign, Muslim terrorists access to the US from Mexico.
    May you rot in Hell!

    Germany: Merkel an East German Marxist incompetent who is single handedly ruining the country of Germany by recruiting and allowing millions of Muslim terrorists into Germany!
    May you rot in Hell!

    Canada. Trudeau a self proclaimed socialist who has bought into Merkel’s insanity and is in the process of recruiting and importing millions of Muslim terrorists into Canada!
    May you rot in Hell!

    And those assholes are worried about who we might elect as President of this Country!

  13. They all thought they had the NWO locked up. Trumps the only Nationalist running and he scares the hell out of them.

  14. Putin also has told the NWO to fuck off. He has his own empire on lockdown and has no desire to.share it with any other tyrants. He has made that clear.

  15. Al and Brad are correct.
    Trump has spoken at length about the trade deficits with certain countries and how the US is being screwed.
    If elected, they know he’s coming after them and he will shake things up.

  16. Well, I guess we can add the foreign diplomatic corps to the group of people who are on the take, big time, and whose cushy arrangements will be disrupted by someone with a serious attitude about running the U.S. as you would run a business.

  17. Why should we Americans care what these weenies think? They can’t even take care of their own countries. How can they presume to advise us on ours?

  18. Trump is the Republican Happy Gilmore
    He resonates with the Blue Collar Types (me) because understands the following rules:
    “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue!”
    Good or bad Trump is a Man who gets things done.

  19. Nationalism is now zenophobia. Two words for these foreign POS’s. F*CK OFF!
    No more big $$$$ for you unless you earn it.

  20. Also the opinion of Dickweeds from Pansy countries bending over for Islam interests me less than whether or not Gibbons approve of Nougat

  21. Gee Wally, the Islamonazi-loving Germans, the sell-youself-to-the-lowest-bidder Mexican whores, the Chicom’s and the blood-thirsty, head-chopping bowl-winders, are all upset at Trump?

    Yeah Beave, if ya ain’t pissin those assholes off, ya just aren’t trying hard enough! Hear that GOP?

  22. @riverlife_callie , Exactly! They’ve trashed their own countries to the point of no return, celebrated the worthless Obozo’s elections and live in a world of crap. They just want the US to be as miserable as they are.
    BTW have a Simpson and Vail order on the way.

  23. The German Minister of Economy should better worry about Germany’s … … future.

  24. I wonder how much of our sovereignty Kerry promised his fellow international assholes in order to get them to mouth the fake concern. These hacks are swooning about the embassy gala this weekend, not the horror of Trump. They know the Donald will host spectacular state functions.

  25. On second thought, Kerry is too hapless and ineffectual to put this together. It couldn’t be Hillary, because she wants to run against Trump. Must be the US Chamber of Commerce.

  26. @ Bad_Brad, I gave up listening to the guy after the 14th “fuck you”. That was about the 1 minute mark. He needs a Snickers.

    Angry people don’t inspire me, that is why I loved Reagan.

    The politics of fear are gonna tear us apart. If you have to be angry to garner support, I don’t wanna hear the message.

  27. Menderman,

    I don’t think it’s fear bud, I think it’s 100% unadulterated frustration. And the Trump supporters I know, including myself, are starting to feel pretty damn disenfranchised. If the GOP pulls a brokered convention all hell going to break loose.

  28. Irish, Glad you liked it. That guys FB page is worth keeping an eye on. About once a month he knocks one out of the park.

  29. A brokered convention is part of the process. If no candidate gets a majority they go to negotiations. So long as the GOPe doesn’t change the rules in the middle of the game, it is a good process.

    If Trump and Cruz are tied at 1100, what would you suggest we do?

  30. I’m not worried about a tie. If Trump come in with 1236 delegates and Cruz comes in with 850 and Cruz gets the nomination there will be hell to pay. Worse yet it Trump has 1236 and Cruz has 850 and the GOP give it to someone that wasn’t even campaigning there’s going to be a lot of hell to pay.

  31. You can only have a brokered convention if nobody gets the 1237 needed to win. If that Happens, Rubio’s delegates have the option to vote their second choice…same with the rest. My scenario was based on a Trump/Cruz tie. Your scenario was based on a solid Trump victory, so we are not comparing apples to apples.

    I just find it odd that so many people are freaking out over the possibility of a brokered convention.

  32. @Eugenia – just received my SImpson & Vail order the other day. Love me some Ceylon Pettiagala. (and the violet rose for a treat)

  33. @Bad_Brad – I watched your video and I agree with about 90% of what was said. I’m angry, too, as I think most conservatives are. He recalls Reagan at the end, and I’ve been thinking a lot about Reagan since Nancy died. Here’s what I would wish for – a President who loves this country (I think Trump does, btw) and who believes in freedom and who can lead with class and grace. Reagan showed that it could be done.

    I’ve stated here before that I would vote for Trump if he is the nominee. I just wish he would show a little more class and act more Presidential. Can you talk him into not letting his ego get in the way all the time? He doesn’t have to respond to every dig, you know. In fact, sometimes it says more by not responding.

  34. @Menderman and Bad_Brad – Rush was talking about Rule 40 the other day. I’m with Brad on this one. I don’t trust the GOPe to not change it. I don’t trust them with much of anything, actually.

  35. They meet before the convention to review it. They are scared to death and desperate that someones going to shut down their money train. Look out.

  36. If rule 40 is followed, the process is working. If rule 40 is altered and Jeb or Mitt become the nominee, the GOP is finished.

    So many people are so riled up about a brokered convention being evil when it is not worries me. An honest brokered convention is necessary in the event there is no clear winner.

    The knee jerk abhorrence to a brokered convention is silly. It should be viewed as a “run off”. No one wins, so the top 2 fight it out, and that is fair.

  37. @riverlife, BadB, Menderman
    Problem is the GOPe think of us the same way Obozo, Killary and their henchmen do. We’re sheep, we’re ignorant children and we’re too stupid to understand.
    I don’t trust the GOPe in any way shape or form.
    Apparently the Republican Ohio primary ballot is confusing some people. I am waiting until the 15th to vote so haven’t seen the ballot. The GOPe will find a way to cheat the people and commit suicide in doing so.

    @riverlife_callie, the Ceylon Pettiagala is in this order along with Nepal Ilam and a cosmic paisley cozy. Violet Rose and Violet Black are 2 all time favorites. Usually I’m an Assamiac but just tried some 2nd flush Risheehat Darjeeling from Harney and Sons that is excellent. I may give this place in West Bengal a try.

  38. @Eugenia – there you go again, giving me another place to spend money. LOL. Looks interesting.

  39. Motherfuckers would be sucking Mr. Trump’s dick if I had any chance of becoming Preznit.

    NO Foreign Aid
    NO UN
    NO NGOs
    NO Welfare
    NO Alien Invading Rat-People
    NO Income Tax
    NO EPA

  40. I too, am late to post to this. Today I had a bit of a read, and I suggest that anyone who has a spare 60 minutes, and would like a remarkable glimpse into our political past, click the link I will provide. Just scroll up to page 1. Printed in early 1800, it is a portrait of the times that is still echoing today. US elites and their power quest, to the exclusion of all else, including US sovereignty.;view=1up;seq=13

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