Is This Civil War II?

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  1. DA Kim Gardner is the problem.

    This is only the latest upside down thing she’s done. She’s got the evil going on.

    Soros funded her election.

    Just search for DA Kim Gardner & take a look at her work.

  2. I love the Twins-saw them in Lubbock and they were great. They took time after the show to take pictures and meet all of us. They had huge arms then but they’re losing them gainnnnz.

  3. If this is a civil war, only one side seems to be doing the fighting.

    Generally, when one side fights and the other doesn’t the outcome is kinda predictable.

  4. It’d take me 30 minutes to watch a 10 minute video.
    I have to download and watch later.
    (prolly Trump’s fault! (sarc))

    Not complaining, just sayin.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. The Hodge twins are a national treasure. President Trump needs to include them in one or more his campaign rallies between now and the election in November. May God bless these 2 brothers for speaking the common sense truth about America.

  6. I’d love to see these 2 guys host Diamond and Silk on a podcast. I’d pay real money to see that!

  7. Yeah, it is a civil war. It’s just about culture at the moment but it will go further. When Trump wins in November, I guarantee you it will be all out war then. I hope everyone is stocking up on ammo…


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