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Is This Cool?

Oh ya, he’s a lefty. So it’s okay.

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  1. It takes too many swings with a metal cruch the wood ones could put him in a coma with less than 5 swings.

  2. I disagree with the wood vs metal crutch analogy. I think it depends on who is swinging the crutch. I think I could put him in a coma with only 3 swings using the metal crutch.

  3. No. Not cool at all.

    I was hoping he’d get an infection and die.

    (Ha ha ha! I’m a comedian like Bill Maher!)

  4. Either John le Kerre is really showing his age or he has the worst plastic surgeon you could find.

    Hey Johnny boy, remember that even though they get through medical school, they could have made mostly D’s and a few F’s, but their certificate still says “doctor.”

    Looks like your plastic surgeon really F’ed you up. Maybe he skipped class the day they dissected cadaver heads.

  5. Lerch – “And when that young commie started running away, I gunned him down in the back like this….ratttattattatatata……I was a hero you know for that. I should have gotten a 4th purple heart when I got a shell fragment in my eye, but the brass said egg shell doesn’t count.”

  6. Now if he waved that crutch around like that during the Iran talks I would forgive him a little bit.
    I would forgive him a lot if he jammed the end down that A-hole-tolla’s throat, stomped on his face and yelled “Death to America’s Enemies!” like he should.
    If I may weigh in on the crutch debate,
    Wooden crutches all day.
    As hard as I would swing it, the aluminum one would bend around his head rendering the whole thing useless, whereas the wooden crutch will break, producing dandy splintered bits perfect for driving stake-like through the heart.

  7. Where’s a little turbulence wen you need it? Hopefully breaks his other leg and takes out fcuking press-douche Peter Parker with his 50 cal crutch on the way down.

  8. Kerry explains purple heart #4:

    “So there I was, surrounded by gooks and already wounded from when that transgender gook whore shoved the Bouncing Betty up my ass without reducing the powder charge first as I had requested …”

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