Is This Guy Part of that Leftist Intelligentsia That They’re So Proud Of?

This moron says that if you want a gun you should first take a bullet to see what it’s like.

Hmm. If you want a car, Big Brain, maybe you should be run over first?

How about, if you want a kitchen knife, you should have one embedded in your neck?

Want a hammer? You must smash your thumb first.

Uhhhh, left… maybe you should keep the guys with the hoodies out of the policy room, no?
D. Watkins (courtesy

Truth About Guns-

I bet D. Watkins [above] thinks he’s clever. And Salon thinks it’s righteous. But there’s nothing clever or righteous about Mr. Watkins’ post Want a gun? Take a bullet: Take this, gutless NRA cowards — you can have a gun, once you understand the pain of being shot. It’s a thinly veiled call to someone,anyone to shoot NRA members. Watkins starts by recounting comedian Chris Rock’s routine about making bullets so expensive criminals can’t afford them, and then quickly gets darker and darker until it’s full-on evil. Like this . . .


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  1. I had no idea black people were so fucked up in the head. So if this black
    Mental case once a knife we have to stab him. Now I understand the drive by
    Those people want a gun, but must be shot to get one.
    Bunch of crazy Mother Fuckers.

  2. The left has such a low opinion of black people that they always promote it when a black says or does something stupid..
    It reinforces their belief that the blacks should have never been taken away from them in the first place.

  3. Explain to me please, someone, anyone how these ignorant morons think because they are black they can continue to bring up skavery like they were actual slaves??
    They’ve made up for blacks being slaves over 150 years ago…by bilking the govmint of OUR tax $$’s!
    Oh! They maybe don’t like the truth?! Well go ask your great-grandma what SHE thinks of how things have turned out with her children’s children, etc.
    I’m sure she’s spinning in her grave and just sick at heart.

  4. He looks like a very caring although a moody kind of guy. Maybe he’ll let me just shoot him so he can give me the run down.

  5. I do think that before you call for a ban on guns you should fire one first, under safe supervision of course.

    A few years ago our acting scoutmaster wanted to have a weekend scout camp with shooting activities. We’ve done it a couple of times since then and possibly again this winter, so he succeeded. But before all that, he chose the two Assistant Scoutmasters he thought most likely to oppose shooting sports (despite the activities being available at nearly every BSA camp). These were men in their 50s & 60s, and I’m not certain but I think at least one had never fired a gun before. He and another Assistant Scoutmaster who had access to a variety of guns took the two to a shooting range, and the potential wet blankets came away from that experience supportive of the scoutmaster’s idea.

  6. Don’t ask….just do it.

    i think it was Fur that said we need to take 100 MF’ers out and shoot them….for principles

    my list is waaaay past 100…’s pushing a 1000

  7. Well hey Dan I hope you’re involved in the training. I never met you obviously but I’ve been reading your stuff long enough to know you would teach them right.
    So here’s the deal, I’m always around guns. Always. And gun guys. The other day I was accused of being a progtard here by a regular poster. What he doesn’t understand is I see some down right dangerous shit done with firearms that these people do and they’re Fing cops, instructors, gun store owners etc. I’ve seen ADs from cops and this week was swept several times by a sniper dude that teaches swat guys. It ain’t that tough. Gun safety rules are easy to follow. Maybe it’s complacency. But non the less it pisses me off.

  8. I saw a short TV program where police officers sprayed each other with pepper spray so they would know its effect. I thought it stupid then and its stupid now.

  9. Doesn’t own a gun? I wouldn’t say that. Not even on a bet. These are some of the most hypocritical people on the face of the planet. Considering the stupid shit that rolls outta their mouths, they’re just saying whatever they think sounds cool and passes for “intelligence” in the hood, but never mistake that for genuineness.

  10. Let me guess Mr. Watkins, you’ve been shot.
    Probably wasn’t in defense of this country.
    You, for some reason have either pissed someone off so badly they shot you, you hang around where this kind of shit happens, your acquaintances have short tempers, or you engage in activities with a high probability of this happening, have gained the privilege of surviving the encounter and now you feel qualified to dispense wisdom.
    Well whoop-de-fookin-do.
    Your credential is no credential w/ me.
    Take it on the arches, smart guy.

  11. Some refuse the choice to abandon places where that kind of shit happens. Retreat may be your option, but others see things differently.

    My shop is in Oakland, CA. Yes I carry at all times, and yes, I have been shot at. Luckily the shooters here don’t visit the range much.

    When you retreat, you are followed.
    You change from predator to prey.

    Hopefully those of us that stay behind can protect your exit, for a while.

  12. Reparations have been paid. More money has been dumped into education alone, because of blacks, than we would ever have had to pay.

  13. If you advocate denial of Second Amendment rights to law abiding citizens, then you should be forced to defend yourself against armed assailants with your bare fucking hands.

  14. All I need to know about a weapon I am using is to see the effect it has on the person I am using it on.
    What am I, an idiot?

  15. That part of the standard training at Black River Law Enforcement training academy in Arkansas. My kid had to get sprayed down with foam mace and then take down the person doing the spraying. I watched the video. It looks painful.

  16. I definitely haven’t had enough training – and I am well aware of that. I can handle my weapons, but am planning to spend some serious time in the next 12 months getting more comfortable with them and learning tactics as well as safety.

  17. BFH,

    With that attitude, you’re more likely to see its effect on yourself or someone you love. I usually don’t talk about guns here, but I have many, and a permit to carry.

    I always review every weapon before a range or before I put it in a holster. Having a few automatic pistols for different clothing, it is easy to mix up operations, safety functions, etc.

    When I was in the army many years ago, a gun crew made one of the most serious mistakes you can make. They went down range with out clearing the weapon. The barrel was hot and cooked off a round that killed one of them.

    Firearms aren’t toys.

  18. Some years ago, there was a surveillance video that I believe won first place in the annual Darwin Awards. An armed thug goes into a store and attempts to rob the store. He pulls the trigger on the pistol and it has a misfire. The genius then points the pistol at his face to look down the barrel, pulls the trigger, and it goes off.

    It appears, judging by the article, the man was able to successfully breed prior to this attempted robbery.

  19. You sell your self short. What’s rule number one two and three regarding firearms? The gun is always loaded. That’s 99.9% of what you need to know.

  20. Well, dude, I think that if you smoke dope, you should abstain from writing down your brainstorms. It would put a stop to a lot of the embarrassing nonsense which seems to plague us. Now go check the microwave. I think your Hot Pocket is ready.

  21. The reparations have indeed been paid.
    American Blacks are living at the pinnacle of human comfort and ease, because they were lucky enough to have ancestors brought here to the USA .
    Billions across the globe would gladly trade their problems for Black American problems
    Every time they open a safety sealed package, or drive on a well lit, safe roadway, access state of the art health care they enjoy reparations

  22. I’ll probably regret wading in, here, but I interpreted what BFH wrote in the context of the comment he was responding to, and in the context of the entire post. He didn’t mean that he doesn’t need to familiarize himself completely with his weapon and the safe handling practices thereof; he meant he doesn’t need to be shot to know the effect of being shot, and he doesn’t need to be sprayed with pepper spray to know the effects of pepper spray.

    As an aside, I once rode in a county sheriff’s deputy’s personal vehicle with him and a mutual friend to an event, and made the mistake of asking about the pepper spray sitting in his console. He told me all about how the deputies had to be exposed to pepper spray to feel its effects before being certified to use it . Then he sprayed a tiny amount on his hand, dipped a fingertip into it, and rubbed it on my cheek, about an inch below my eye, without warning. Man, did that sting. I knew from that experience that I wouldn’t want to get a face full of that. I had tears running down my face and my nose was running for about a half-hour from that tiny application.

  23. Silly me, I was under the obviously mistaken assumption that having a weapon is to prevent being shot by someone wishing you or yours harm.
    This guy must be one of those who hate the Herrnstein and Murray Bell Curve, he is always going uphill.

  24. It isn’t just the safety. You need to know the capabilities of your weapons. True, you don’t have to shoot yourself, but you needs to know the pros and cons of caring a M1911 .45 versus a .380 auto, and develop defense strategies for each. I go heavy when I can, but sometimes a pocket pistol is the only option due to clothing.

    It isn’t any different with pepper spray or CS. It affect people in different ways. I’d want to know how debilitating it is, and in what doses, before using it. In this case, ya, I’d take the hit.

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