Is this senile, bungling clown dragging us into war?

Patriot Retort:

Last week, the polling outfit Trafalgar Group released its latest survey that found only 15.1% of voters support placing US troops on the ground should Russia invade Ukraine. Despite the overwhelming lack of support, over the weekend Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that the bungling clown in the White House is considering sending between 3,000 and 5,000 US troops to Eastern Europe.

This senile, bungling asshole is going to drag us into war with Russia, isn’t he?

You know, I thought his Afghanistan debacle was bad. But this is horrifying.

Joe Biden is no longer the powerless goofball Senator or Vice President we could laugh at and dismiss. He’s the President of the United States. His bungling isn’t a laughing matter anymore. Now it could get Americans killed. more

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  1. Yes, Trump didn’t start any wars, so the White House Resident is being told by his military-industrial complex handlers he must start one. Bastards.

  2. No, I do not think he has the guts to take us to war. He will stumble through various speeches and then decide that he can’t. IMHO

  3. I think Dianny is on the money here. The Libtard party would have no issue getting us into a hot war in hopes the Nation would Rally behind the retard. That won’t happen. I read today the DJT sent a message through an intermediary, Lindsey Fagboy Grahm, that Biden won’t be President in three years. And the new President will be very conservative and if he continues on his current path it would be impossible for the two countries to work together. I have more respect for Putin than I do the Retard. I hope he was listening.

  4. The question is not will he take us to war, but does he have the mental clarity, the cognition, the will to stand up to the saber rattlers in his party and the dufus military generals who never met a war they didn’t like?

  5. Brad,
    Good points.

    Under Biden, America has Zero Wins. He has turned everything to shit. Possibly the PelosiCrats think that getting involved in a limited war for democracy in the Ukraine will improve Potatoes Image and make him look strong.
    The Ukraine was never democratic, it is corrupt as fuck.

    All I know is that Bamma Took up the ass after the Olympics with the Crimean Annexation.
    Cocksucker ChYnA wraps up Feb 22/2022. Biden will bend over.

    The whining & crying should be out of the news cycle by March’s MLB opening weekend. (I don’t watch) So the TV will have about 30 days of Ukraine Shit.

  6. Pray for our nation. 🇺🇲

    May the Lord have mercy cause we’re gonna need it. 🕊️❤️🙏

    Never thought I’d see the day when I don’t even recognize my own country

  7. Just consider the logistics involved. Say we can cough up 5 combat ready divisions of troops and marines in a relatively short time frame, as well as a good piece of our Air Force and Navy (facing the Russian Navy in the Black Sea – good luck with that!) and arrange to send them all over there, 10,000 miles (or so) away. If Russia invades, it would overrun Ukraine in a matter of weeks, maybe a couple of months. It’s like a huge bear vs a bunny rabbit. I do not think we could get our forces there in time to make a difference. Maybe our NATO allies could provide 2-3 divisions. Maybe the idea is to get them there first to hold back the Big Bear. Ukraine is no Afghanistan. The language, religion, culture and terrain is exactly what the Russians already are used to. I also think the Russians have armoured warfare in their DNA and would easily brush aside the NATO force.

    To get our forces on the ground, organized, oriented, communicating with each other and setting up defense perimeters is going to take a lot of time and effort. By the time all that happens, Ukraine won’t even be a country anymore. Us going in there will just guarantee Russian occupation for decades into the future.

    Anyway, this is all smoke and mirrors. If Biden thinks he can get the US people to support such a crazy scheme he’s really off his rocker. He can’t be serious. Something else is going on.

  8. Germany is complicit in Russia’s aggression — they need Russian gas so they can claim they are green. Don’t count on NATO.

    Ukraine is no pushover, militarily. They are not as modernized as Russia, but Russia’s modernization does not go very deep.

    The embassy evacuation implies that the conflict is expected to be asymmetrical. There are a lot of russophiles in Ukraine that could quickly rise up throughout the country. Belarus could also become involved. Russia will count on a quick capitulation but I don’t think Putin will back off if it drags on.

    Russia also has eyes on the Baltic states. It would make sense to go quickly to a two front war against a reluctant EU and US. The belligerent states: Russia, China, Turkey and Iran, know they have only this year left for major shenanigans — unless the Dems are able to invoke the 14th Amendment and purge Republicans from Congress, bar them from candidacy for federal office, and voting in federal elections. (It’s what Jan. 6 was all about, and don’t think they won’t try it.)

    Should all of Ukraine falter, Poland will be a wild card, as well as Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Finland and Sweden, and possibly Norway, might get involved to protect the Baltic states.

    The irony is that many of these former Soviet Block countries have been souring on the EU. If Putin had acted as a benevolent neighbor, instead of a bully, he likely could already have formed an Eastern European economic and protection alliance. Russians seem incapable of thinking in those terms.

    Also, Turkey has been eying the Caucuses and trying to impose a pan-turkic alliance (the ‘stans). China also has old grudges with Russia, wanting Siberia and parts of the ‘stans back.

    We shouldn’t forget that Russia is steadily turning into a majority Muslim country and many of those muslims are radicalizing.

    There could be all kinds of fun coming up. Great time to have a feeble old fool in the White House.

  9. There’s no telling what Commander Pudding Cup is going to do. He should probably start by calling a Lid.

  10. If we get into any type of war/police action/gradual troop escalation, it has “Vietnam Part II” written all over it.
    There is no clear-cut strategy or goals…. The war is already lost by the media and the people in the streets.

  11. Our fully “Vaccinated” Troops against Russian Purebloods….What could go wrong?

    Don’t Rule out Russia’s Greatest Soldier…General Winter.

  12. Too true Bobcat, I had to laugh at a article that said Putin would not attack because “winter”.

    That is the ideal time for Armored Warfare because the freaking ground and water is frozen solid, plus “Russians”.

    The Pedo is not making a single decision, he is a figurehead. If it goes south as war always does he will be replaced.

    The question now is just what it will take to goad Putin into war.

  13. Saw this quote earlier.

    “Call me crazy but if Trump ordered ground troops to protect a country that paid his family millions in illegal cash, I bet the media would be covering it differently.”
    – J. D. Vance

  14. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, we have no obligation to defend it. Full stop.

    Biden is going to wag the dog anyway..

  15. Excuse us, we forgot your Putin lovin commies because of Donny worship of him. We’ll make sure to send those types to the front lines.

  16. No. The retard is clueless.
    Soros, Gates, Milley, CIA, FBI, DIA, Wall Street, All the Globaloney-ists, EU, and other assorted assholes are pushing the agenda. Joey’s a fucking bobblehead. They provide him with ice cream and 7 y/o dancing girls – and then ignore him.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  17. never mind. I wasn’t aware that Patriot Retort had this in their archive. But I will stick to my original with Fauci as Dr Strangeglove.
    Great minds think alike.

  18. Honestly is there anybody here that actually thinks slow Joe’s in charge of anything?
    He’s mostly the face that they put in front that they will later stomp on and blame for everything that goes wrong.
    Dozens of times this stuff has come up, remember him saying “I’m not supposed to take any questions?”


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