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Is This THE Esteban Santiago? Look what he’s wearing.

News release pics on right. Pic uncovered by Twitterverse on left.

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  1. Aeroport place violence. That’s what it will be called for the next fourteen days. After that it will properly be called Islamic Terrorism.

  2. Well I jumped to conclusions the minute that was in the tv I knew it was terrorist .and I don’t want to ear the excuse of the mother or family that he was crazy because he is a fucking terrorist

  3. According to Michael Savage, Air Canada has Denied
    any such passenger on any flight with checked weapons
    or ammo.Story falling apart as usual.

    annie Go Trump

  4. No so fast. Them high speed low drag “operators” are all about the shemagh to establish their bona fides. I don’t think you can even play COD without one.

  5. Apparently, as the story is now being told, his flight originated in Alaska and went to Florida via Canada!

  6. Since he lived his story is he was being FORCED by ISIS to fight. Funny, he was the only one there with a gun so what was the threat? I bet he is wishing he was with his virgins.

  7. Not saying he’s not a hadji, but that’s a shemagh scarf he is wearing. Very commonly sold in military base exchanges. I wear one myself, and am certainly no Moslem.

  8. @NIdahoCatholic – not going to say I dont believe you regarding these scarves sold in military bases. But these are scarves worn by arabic people. Palestinians?

  9. I am still wondering why anyone would fly from Anchorage to Florida just to shoot some people if he wasn’t a snowflake jihadi.

  10. Saw that CNN aired an altered photo of him in which his skin-tone is much, much lighter than the actual pic.

  11. There I go again jumping to conclusions based on so many similar incidents with one common thread.

    One way or another, jihadi or not, he’s an anti American whitey hating piece of shit. Whether he’s ISIS or La Raza/MECHA or just an everyday Obama racist doesn’t much matter. They share an anti American ideology fueled by racism and victimology.

    It’s good that he gets to be questioned. It’s bad that his brains aren’t part of a new mural at the airport.

  12. Even without the shemagh, he looks more mideastern than hispanic. But he also looks like too much of a pretty boy to be a terrorist. I’m getting that Orlando niteclub vibe, we probably got another muslim queer trying to impress a potential muslim gay lover.

  13. isnt it odd that none of this happens at israeli airports. and gateway pundit says he only lived a mile and a half from alaskas only mosque. coincidence?

  14. “With a 100% chance it ceases to be called a profile. It is called a description of the suspect.” ~A. Coulter

  15. In case it hasn’t been prominently reported yet, Florida state law prohibits firearms in airport terminals, even the non-secure parts. This includes concealed weapon permit holders – we’re also prohibited from packin’.

  16. listening to Broward Co police scanner this afternoon when the 2nd event occurred, pulling SWAT from Miami to join Broward forces @ staging area Port Everglades + shut down I-95. MRAP’s a blazing.
    Approx 29K listening to that 1 channel. Go time alert for bank robbers and other merry-making mischief.
    Corral ALL passengers for strip search and gun shot residue testing. Waste precious time searching everyone, grandma and newborns included. Can’t profile ya know.

  17. My husband and our neighbor visited Israel. At the airport for the return trip my husband got pissy because the seat he had selected (but didn’t confirm later online LOL) was given to someone else. Well, they hauled his ass off to the side and gave him the serious grilling. They kept him there until the plane was ready to leave, then let him board. They were at him for about an hour. He said it wasn’t very fun. BWAHAHAHA> this is why I didn’t want to go on more international trips.

  18. Well, the dihimmi leftist terorist sympathizers put a lot of laughable effort in attempting to hide the real identity and motive of the latest jihadi attacker.
    Let’s see, an insanity defense established when the shooter acted “crazy” in a FBI office, shooter is conveniently a “white hispanic” and shooter without restriction was able to tranport gun and load it in the airport baggage claim.
    “Fake, fake, fake, fake”

  19. ^That’s not ‘real’, right?
    That’s just mocking CNN and their constant ‘white washing’ of terrorists, right???
    [of course it is, the hitler stash proves it… right…?]

  20. In a baggage claim area you could walk in the exit doors pull a weapon and start firing.
    Suppose we will be strip searched to pick up people at the airport now

  21. @99TH SL:”and shooter without restriction was able to tranport gun and load it in the airport baggage claim.”

    Yes you can in almost any airport. Pick up checked bag containing firearm and ammo, load it right there or go to a restroom to do so. Baggage claim is outside the ‘cleared’ area of the airport.

    Dems should be submitting legislation to stop this tomorrow.

  22. Thanks, Lowell, you’re right. The shooter is still sketchy. Now it’s becoming obvious he was not a passenger on planes he was supposed to have boarded. The leftist lame game of “Hide the Terrorist” just keeps getting better.

  23. @ 99 SL

    Sounds like his handlers are working for someone who doesn’t want people to transport their guns even in their check in baggage. Which butt kissing RINO will co-sponsor the bill with what demoncrat?

  24. The TSA will go full retard now and want
    a Obamnation declaration before he is kicked
    out of the house that was called white.


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