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Is This What Drudge Was Alluding To in Vague Tweet?

Drudge’s Tweet

The story behind it?

DC Whispers-

Within minutes of shooting down (and filming) a Russian military jet the Turkish government was claiming it did so to protect its own airspace. Russian officials then disputed that claim while the Obama White House quickly sided with Turkey.

The real reason though is something far simpler and sinister and something both the Mainstream Media and the Obama administration doesn’t want you to know – money. Namely significant sums of money being pocketed by oddly close allies of the Obama White House via direct dealings with ISIS terrorists.

Much has been said about ISIS generating millions of dollars every week via sales of oil taken from territories it took control of months earlier. Until very recently, Barack Obama has been reluctant to attack ISIS oil fields and ISIS oil transportation routes.

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  1. Unfolding?

    Many of us have stated this possibility for a while. We’ve stated it and compared it to arming and supporting Bin Laden before 9/11.

    Personally, I believe WW3 has been going-on for probably 1.5 years, but most people have their heads buried in their own little bubble supported by these blasted iPhones and refuse to see any of it.

  2. Probably true but all Barky has to do is call Putin on the red phone and cut him in for a few points – the targeting will change

  3. The U.S. has been loaded with Hispanic and middle-eastern people. When making a visual assessment of these folks, it’s hard to tell them apart. Especially from a distance. The powers that be know that after mass shooting incidents, a lot of guns are sold. We are being set-up. The ability to enforce “law and order” will be removed from our society. A future event will remove civility from the hearts and minds of typical people. The prime-mover to all of this is not money, alone. It is the work of the devil. The hands and minds of men cannot create such a hate filled machine to survive for centuries. I’m no street preacher, but if you don’t have a safe place for your soul, you will be defeated. Eternally defeated. God help us.

  4. so long as obama is a muslim, one would hope that he would at least be the type of muslim who likes to kill other muslims

    we can’t win

    for fuck sake

  5. Like many, I knew something was up with the fabrications surrounding the Benghazi cover up. It was too well orchestrated — everyone else had left Libya, Stevens shouldn’t have been there. In fact that was my only real question, why was our ambassador there? And it has been obvious for a while that if not an actual muslim, certainly obama is a devout sympathizer to islam. That alone makes him a danger to the U.S. and the west.

    The congressional investigations into clinton, her emails, the Benghazi cover up, and so on, have resulted in nothing much despite showing her to have lied about everything. I don’t expect much of anything to happen with this latest revelation either. I’m feeling like Forrest Gump, “I’m tired. I think I’ll go home now.”

  6. Take note of the Cicago riots last night and the timing of the release of the video tape by homosexual ballet dancer Rahm. Homo Rahm has been sitting on it for months denying the release, low and behold, out of the blue he dropped it yesterday. Nice distraction…

    Remeber the $ 500,000,000 Odinga the homosexual spent tp train the 48 deserter moslime rebels. Ask where did the $ 499,999,999 of excess overage go ? Hint… odingas indonesian bank account maybe…

    Yesterday was a day they knew was coming when Putin would be forced to out odingas corrupt treason with Erdogen, isis, oil and billions of stolen corrupt dollars. He will punch back hard because they shot down his pilots that were bombing their secret oil transports and disprupting their billions. Putin will take no shit nor play along quietly. He will expose odinga and the American fools.

    So odinga is actively destroying America by flooding in moslime filth that will easily rule over a mojority population of dumb mexicans. He is simultaneously flooding europe with moslime filth that have ALREADY destroyed multiple nations. He is enriching himself with tens of billions, maybe hundreds of billions already, in oil money and stolen US tax dollars. He has made evil partnerships with moslime tyrants in the middle east. He has made a devils deal with Iran to share control and destroy Israel eventually.

    I have often predicted that after he leaves office he will become an “international global citizen” and leave evil America. He will also admit he is a moslime. Now we see the proof. All the goals are being met for a tyranical, moslime controlled, one world UN controlled type government. He will be rich, moslimes will infest the entire world, America will have been effectively eliminated.

    The only thing that will stop them is either Trump and Cruz and a mutual relationship with Putin. Or else its civil.war… do not forget who our enemies are. Expose them.on the internet as much as possible.

  7. Funny how sometimes tinfoil hat type theories turn into reality?

    I read months ago where someone was berating conservatives in a comments section that Zer0 would NEVER have anything to do with financing ISIS. That all of the money ISIS gained was through raping and pillaging, there was no way that ISIS could profit on the global market. Of course like any good liberal, they need to add some smear to their essay, the writer followed with; If any of us rethuglicans thought otherwise, we needed to adjust our tinfoil hats.

  8. On the bright side, Best Buy, (and probably other retailers,) have a bunch of quadcopters on sale for Black (lives matter) Friday. Just don’t tell Clockmed-the-Tejas-Clockboy.

  9. It’s more than a theory. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence that when added up is more than a smoking gun. People need to take off their damn blinders and prepare themselves. This isn’t ineptitude it is deliberate.

  10. I put the two points – release of video and Putin’s expose` together yesterday. You are so on target IMHO. With this regime, the squirrel seen always overwhelms the skunk in the basement in the headlines.
    Whenever something hits the news, I question what worse thing are THEY not wanting to spotlight. As always, the LSM is compliant.

  11. This information will never get to the majority of the American people because lame stream media will not report the truth on anything. Disturbing, disgusting;;;;;;the media, DC politicians, and people who are racist facist liberal progs who believe all the politicians and media.

    Nothing will wake this country up.

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