Is top Democrat being blackmailed and obstructing justice?

Muslims and Pakistanis are making huge coin as IT people for congresspeople. People in the know say that a number of them are dirty to the core and would be fired under normal circumstances. The speculation is that these IT people have secured lots of deep dark secrets, career ending secrets, that have kept them on the payrolls, some getting three times the going rate.

One of the people who looks like they are knee-deep in this blackmailing scheme is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


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  1. Everytime Tucker Has a Guest crying about Russia, he Should ak to talk about Something We Do Have Actual Evidence on !

  2. This is likely the greatest breach of national security of our times. This puts the Russian bullshit to rest. Time for some Trumpian Tweets.

  3. Those muslim scum probably contracted out the hit on Seth Rich for Debbie, who was hired by Hillary two weeks later for a job well done.

  4. Only God has more information on the humans of this planet, but the IC is close to catching him.

    Think of humans playing God, you will understand how irrelevant the three branches have become.

  5. These Demorats have a depraved indifference to the security and welfare of the US and our citizens.
    This is treachery and high treason.

  6. Where were the large salaries going? We all know about the party take on payday, but town dems only got a cut of two to four percent back from dem employees in the sixties. These guys were probably financing some nasty stuff and more.

    Yep, she’s blackmailed along with more than half of the swamp.

  7. Doberman Shultz is the plug at the bottom of the swamp (see: expansive arse).

    When she pops, the flow of swirling swamp water will be a thing of beauty.

  8. I’m honestly trying to figure out if democRATs were deliberately “accidently-on-purpose” working to funnel our nation’s secrets out to our enemies, or if they’re just that can stupid! Finding a money trail would probably be the only real way to find out.

    Then I sez to myself:
    Self, who cares. Charge ’em with treason anyway!

  9. Wrap the entire mess in the best fish-Wrap ever…the NUT, and let it sit in a corner of DWS’ office over the holiday weekend. On Wednesday, she’ll be willing to spill ‘all the beans’ just to get rid of the stench!!!

  10. Couldn’t even get to the end of the article. Infuriating WND site kept reloading itself at random, sending me back to top of scroll. After half a dozen times I bailed.

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