Is Trump a modern-day Churchill? Author says both men defended Western Civilization

JUST THE NEWS: As the legacy of historical figures is disputed nationwide, author Nick Adams makes an unwavering, bold claim: President Donald Trump is unquestionably similar to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 

Adams makes the case in his recent book, “Trump and Churchill: Defenders of Western Civilization.”

“My book is a comparison of the two men, the enemies they faced, and their strategy in defeating them,” Adams told Just the News in a written interview. “I wrote the book because it is vital for people to understand what is at stake in the 2020 election, and in the world right now. If the domestic enemies within America win, the consequences for the world could be very similar to the threat Churchill faced in the twentieth century. In my book, there are many incredible parallels between the times and the men. The book is essential for the clear understanding of the dangers for America and the world.” more

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  1. “Yet critics say Adams’ analogy is flawed, inaccurate, even offensive. They say Churchill was a genteel scholar, a man of letters, a Nobel-Prize winning historian and articulate writer. By contrast, they say Trump instead is crass, vulgar, common and low-brow.”

    Let us guess. Billy Kristol, right?

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, sell expensive lecture cruise tickets and bite their pillows.

  2. I heard this great observant author on the Dennis Prager show when the book came out, I think some months ago.

    Great interview, Prager has had him on several times.

    The thing is? Churchill was rejected for, in the end, WINNING???

    Stupid Lymies, like DUMB dumbs.

    And 0bama haaaaated Churhchill. AND hates our POTUS.

    Nuff said?!

  3. I have the greatest respect for Churchill, but even he did not deal with as much treachery as Donald J Trump.

    The English allowed him to at least win a world war before the knives came out.

    Donald Trump has been facing an uphill battle from before the republican nomination.
    He has been dealing with Russia, “Chyna”, the Middle east, and trade wars with Europe, Mexico, Canada.
    He has been a voice of reason during a “Scamdemic” and an entire Globe that is against him.

    All while, he has been hunted (poorly) by the democrats and the media.

    I challenge anyone to tell me which president has had that many people against him.

    Reagan was my favorite, but he had allies in Thacher & Pope John Paul II in his standoff against communism.

    Donald Trump is truly a lone hero except for the Americans who support him.

    He IS the right man at the right time.

  4. Whatever US military vehicle leads the next US troops into battle, obama and pelosi should be tied to the front bumper.

  5. God does not called the most righteous or pious to battle for him.

    He often calls the flawed which have come to him.

    because they are much stronger in their faith, having found him when they were lost.

    Trump is Gods warrior and he should not and can not be a soy boy if he is to win this fight with us.

    We need him and should stand behind him and defend him like our lives matter with the outcome of this battle.

    because our lives are in the balance now!

  6. If you didn’t catch his speech in Warsaw a couple years ago when he stood up for Poland & western civ, it’s worth listening to. No platitudes, no vague bullshit ala Obama.

    Needless to say, the President was vilified by our scummy media for the usual white supremacy bullshit. They hate that Poland is proud of their heritage, culture and traditions. And they especially hate that eastern European countries are refusing to allow their cultures to be diluted by permitting millions of low IQ moslims and Africans to pour across their borders.

    And guess what, the Poles couldn’t care less what our traitors in the media think of them. Funny how former communist countries know you must protect your culture but cultures like the French and Germans are self destructing with their immigration idiocy.

  7. Moses was a murderer and a doubter until confronted by God, David was an adulterer as well as a murderer and yet he killed Goliath with a sling and a stone, they were both after God’s heart. Elijah was scared of his own shadow yet killed the prophets of Baal, Rahab was a whore yet she is in the family geneaology of Jesus as was David. I could go on and on about all the heroes of the Bible and other men and women thruout history but the one thing they all have in common is that they all have trusted in God. I’m glad that God uses flawed people because pretty boys and golden boys etc. have rarely if ever done anything but be a bunch of sanctimonious, holier than thou jerks bent on doing things their own way sort of like their master Lucifer whose sin was pride thinking that he was better than God. And St. Peter was a great big goofy fisherman who got into more trouble by always sticking his foot into his mouth and saying things out loud which weren’t quite true. And one of the biggest Kahunas of all was St. Paul who had to get divinely knocked off his high horse when he first encountered Jesus. Flawed men and women all, and for that I’m eternally grateful because I’ve been just as screwed up or as bad as they were before I was saved.

  8. I was laying in bed this morning thinking about this very subject and then I read this post.
    Churchill was a flawed man, but he was amazing. He worked 18 hours a day or maybe more nobody could keep up with him. He had a photographic memory. Quick-tempered and did not suffer fools. Almost always had a drink in his hand or nearby, he was fearless, when England was being bombed he would sometimes stand on the roof and watch the show in the midst of all the bombing. It didn’t look good, on all sides everything fell to the Nazis. But for him and England it was win or learn German. For us it’s beat the Marxist we live with or America falls. The left owns media, education and most of government. The Germans were overwhelming and so is the left but they still lost. It’s not going to happen without a fight, there will be no peace in our day. You can have peace or you can have liberty but you cannot have both. Hamilton?

  9. It’s a valid comparison. Some pictures of Trump show his bull-dog like determination. You can see the same determination in Churchill’s photographs, especially the one by Karsh.

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