Is Trump Just One “Dean Yell” Away From Losing the Nomination?

Here’s an analysis that likens Trump’s campaign to Dean’s.

“They” say it is very much the same.


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  1. i see no comparison

    as time goes on, i am seeing a resiliency in trump like no other, and his campaign is like no other

    the timing is right, the nation is failing under incompetence, and trump has demonstrated a knack for bringing people together, succeeding in a much different way, thinking outside the box, etc

    he appears to be unsinkable, and his navigating thru establishment icebergs and mines has been masterful

    it’s trump’s moment

  2. Has anyone else here read Marcus Luttrell’s book, “Lone Survivor”?

    I feel like I’m in Seal training here every day at IOTWr. And I don’t care how much icy cold anti-Trump water you dump on me, I don’t care how many Donald Trump push ups you assign me, I don’t care how many hours I have to stand on one leg and recite rebuttals in his defense.

    I. Am. Not. Ringing. The. Bell.

  3. Was Dean leading nationally and in every state for 7 months since declaring? Did Dean have 35,000 at his rallies? Did Dean build a $10 billion empire? Did Dean make the MSN dance to HIS tune?

    I think not.

  4. No comparison because Dean’s success was completely fabricated by the media. Which is why, when he did the yell and suddenly looked vulnerable to them, they pulled the plug on him and anointed Kerry overnight.

  5. First time I saw porn mags on the stands in the airport and any other place, I would slyly take a stack and stick them under some other magazines on the bottom shelves and put other magazines on the shelf where the porn had been. I still do that to this day with Cosmo at the grocery stores.

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