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Is Trump really this ignorant and uninformed about foreign policy?


Before his AIPAC speech last night, Donald Trump sat down with Washington Post editors to discuss his foreign policy.

The candidate has not said much of substance about what his foreign policy would be and has refused to say who has been advising him.  But he revealed to the Post editors the names of several individuals that he called “top of the line” foreign policy advisers.

He also ticked off some ideas for what a Trump presidency would do overseas.


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  1. Trump can’t be any more uniformed about foreign policy than Obama. Look at the mess he’s gotten us into and Bush as well. I don’t recall Ronald Reagen being that up on foreign policy, he was an actor before he became the Governor of California. I don’t see any candidate bringing anything to the table with foreign policy, that’s why you surround yourself with experts like generals and admirals to help with these policies. I’m not bothered by that at all.


  3. It’s hard to take Moran very seriously when he quotes Trump as saying that South Korea pays us only a fraction of the cost of US troops in that country, then a few paragraphs later says that South Korea is paying 30% of the salary and benefits of those troops.

    Does Moran not know that 30% is the same as the fraction 3/10ths? Dumb.

  4. Is Rick Moron really that ignorant and uninformed? “…A nation that has a $15-trillion economy is not poor by any stretch of the imagination.” It is if it is $17 Trillion in debt and growing that debt continuously – that is a stupid observation from a man who considers himself a talented writer.

  5. Boom is Glenn Beck’s IOTW troll name – so the 6 or 8 Cruz advisors are the ONLY competent foreign policy advisors in the entire country?

  6. Exactly Venturaguy
    Conventional macroeconomic theory says that when a country’s debt nears 100% of GDP its economy will collapse. This has actually happened elseware, in the past.
    So, where are we?

  7. I believe it was Obola who stopped the Intermediate Missile Defense from going into Poland. Europe can’t fight Russia with waffles, welfare, and drugs.

    Socialism has a grand strategy and Mr. Trump isn’t the only one who seems ignorant of the fact, or complicit in its execution.

    Any comprehensive Foreign Policy must take this (socialism’s grand strategy) into account.

    I weep for America (figuratively).

  8. Rick’s a total squish. Like the millions of liberaltardians who are actually social liberals but just wanna pay less taxes, yet somehow claim to be conservative.

    Know your Deuteronomy, lest your doomed to repeat it (the communism)

  9. @Goldenfoxx: You do realize that saying Trump can’t be any more uninformed about foreign policy than Obama does nothing to calm people’s nervousness about Trump, right?

    I mean, talk about “damning with faint praise”…


  10. Ignorant and uninformed would seem to describe our entire foreign policy experts for the past 70 years. Name our last foreign policy victory since World War II and describe our current standing in, and our mastery of, the state of world affairs!

  11. Moran is an open borders extremist and always has been. I wouldn’t believe anything he writes, it’s purely agenda driven to promote globalism and erosion of US sovereignty. His is the technique of slowly turning the heat up to cook the frog.

  12. Fuck off, Cruz troll Boom.

    Not just because you favor Cruz. That’s obvious. It’s escaped you that your hero is a boring dweeby pudgy humorless Canadian creep with a cloying wife who only stays with him to enjoy her own Hillaryesque rise.

    No, you need to fuck off because you’re a fucking bore. A FUCKING BORE.

    So fuck off already.

  13. Brad and Abby

    We could have a WILD night out.

    In the benefit of the –Trump Fucking Always Party, of course.

    So, you two ever make it to NW suburban Chicagoland? Cause I’m buying!

  14. Loco

    You used to be A list.

    Now we need to run you past the “who’s a dick” panel based on three months of rabid Trump hate.

    Unlike Menderpman, I’ve enjoyed your shit, but not for a while.

  15. Loco, that’s funny, I was actually thinking you should take the Cruz glasses off. I can easily prove statistically that attorneys fail as politicians 100% of the time. Yet you seem to be ready to vote for another one. That’s stinken Thinken.

  16. You mean St. Ronaldus, the now exalted, Brad?

    These late-comers are of course needed, but largely comedic.

  17. Makes my head hurt Cheif. Everyone expects different results by voting for the same cookie cutter assholes over and over.

  18. By the way, real Americans can still agree that Cruz Troll BOOM is a fucking BORE.

    Thank God Real Americans can still agree!!!

  19. Chief, If you’re buying, count me in! We’re still thinking we’ll be driving out to the convention this summer — that’s probably as close to suburban Chicago as we’ll get. Plus our favorite preacher is out in Cleveland — Alistair Begg. With you and BB, Geoff and I, we’d probably have some confessing to do. 😉

  20. Well, the Utah countdown clock on the CNN wall says returns are coming in, in about 20 mins. I bet Cruz wins the all-important Mormon vote by 113% to Trump’s -29% And the bobbleheads will say mmmmm. Didn’t Willard lose the Mormon vote in ’12?

  21. Vietvet
    March 22, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    @Goldenfoxx: You do realize that saying Trump can’t be any more uninformed about foreign policy than Obama does nothing to calm people’s nervousness about Trump, right?

    I mean, talk about “damning with faint praise”…

    I’m saying that neither Trump nor Obama was elected on their knowledge of foreign policy. I never knew of one President that was elected that way. We might get one elected on immigration policy though. I vote for Trump on that. Foreign policy doesn’t put a nickle in my pocket. What Trump proposes might.

  22. So S Korea pays less than a third of the cost of wages for the people stationed there and he thinks this is paying for what is provided.

    what about the other costs involved?
    Weapons, munitions, food, fuel, vehicles, air fares,….the list goes on.

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