Is Washington Government Worse than King George?

AmericanThinker: With the presidential election just three weeks away, I’m reading and rereading the Declaration of Independence, for reassurance and inspiration. Fear drives me to do so. It’s cliché every four years to say that a presidential contest is “critical.” So let’s not say that. Let’s say it’s decisive, a pivot-point, this year. We’re at one of those rare historical junctures.

The left and its establishment go-alongs are feeling their oats. They sniff that a victory for Hillary in November seals fates – theirs beneficially. The fates of us Deplorables, well, we’ll either submit or be ground into submission. We’ll either bend a knee to the cabal that runs Washington or be forced to our knees. They’ll define our freedoms and rights.

Under Obama, the national government isn’t just growing in the old liberal way. What’s hatching is tyranny, Marx inspired and leftist directed. It’s been incubating for years, to be sure. It’s been covert in its approach — masked as forms of rights and within the American experience. But with Obama, the nascent tyrants are emboldened.

We can only hope and pray that Donald Trump is elected on November 8. If this was baseball, Trump’s election makes him the stopper — you know, the relief pitcher who comes in with the bases loaded to shutdown the other team. Then a Trump presidency becomes our turn at bat. That’s when we have to score runs — lots of them — to rally to win the game.  MORE HERE

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  1. You know, in many ways it is–and we’re kind of at fault for believing the Eddie Munsters and Yurtle McConnells on the Hill when they told us they were on our side; the problem is we didn’t know that our concept of “our” was not the one they were operating with.
    Kinda like what the meaning of “is” is.

  2. YES! It pains me to know that the honorable name of Washington, is forever tainted by the style of government which he fought against.

  3. Yes, the current govt is worse than George III’s. The basic reason I say that is that both reject(ed) any limits on their power over us ordinary people, but George didn’t go anywhere near as far as DC&Co. has gone in cost, power, intrusiveness, mindless bureaucracy and regulation, plus George didn’t make any particular effort to get the colonists to believe but merely to act.

  4. Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, et al.

  5. About half, maybe more, of my income goes to the government one way or the other. Not a single one of my elected representatives actually represents my interests at all. Yeah, it far worse today than it every was for the colonials.

  6. King George was at least trying to keep order and stability. This is evil and an incompetence that can’t even pretend to do what’s right.

  7. The 0bama administration is far more deceitful and corrupt today than King George ever was.
    George wasn’t the kind of traitor to his country that 0bama & Company are.

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